4 Best High Top Trainers in 2024

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4 Best High Top Trainers in 2024
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There are a few things to consider when buying high-top trainers. Not only should they be stylish, but they must be comfy and supportive as well. 

For this reason, we meticulously check dozens of high-top trainers by putting them through a series of tests and comparisons. The result is a curated list of our top picks for various categories along with A to Z details to help you pick the best for you.

How we test trainers

  • To avoid any biased feedback, we purchased all tested high-top shoes with our own funds. 
  • We put these trainers through various outdoor tests by wearing them in our day-to-day lives.
  • In our shoe lab, we make our reviews even more profound by performing over 30 various tests to measure parameters like breathability, flexibility, and midsole softness, among others.

Best high-top trainers overall

Vans SK8-Hi

What makes it the best?

Vans Sk8-Hi is a quintessential high-top, thus also the best out there, as it is already the whole package. We say it is the finest because its sleek high-top construction is the source of a bunch of wonderful things, including a cool, skater-vibe aesthetic that’s a breeze to style, incredible ankle support and protection, and a bull’s-eye fit and comfort.

The list of what this sneaker offers does not end there. We also discovered that despite its Hi structure, the sneaker does not restrict the foot from naturally flexing. We confirmed this in our lab when we used a bar clamp to compress Vans Sk8-Hi while placed in a lengthwise position. 

We also took the pair outside, we walked and skated in it, and our feet never felt hot either way. We realised that the canvas upper of this sneaker is thin enough that it permits air to flow around. Inevitably, when we performed the waterproof test and streamed the sneaker with water, we weren’t surprised anymore to see that Vans Sk8-Hi doesn’t have any waterproofing ability. Due to this, we do not recommend taking the sneaker out on a cold or rainy day.


  • Classic silhouette that works with any wardrobe
  • Fits true to size
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable when broken in
  • Padded collar for ankle support
  • An easy silhouette even for a hi-top


  • Takes time to put on
  • Can take time to wear in
  • Not good in wet weather
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Best versatile high-top trainers

What makes it the best?

Easy to match and easy to move with, the Converse Chuck 70 High Top is our ultimate versatile high-top sneaker in the lab. Its iconic silhouette transcends time and remains to be a closet staple for many. In our walks, it offered a grounded and uncomplicated ride, allowing us to take charge of our movements while offering much-needed traction.

Surprisingly lightweight for its size at 17.0 oz (482g), it offers unexpected flexibility, bending effortlessly during wear. Despite its appearance, it's 37.4% more flexible than average, enhancing comfort and manoeuvrability. 

The shoe’s below-average platform magnifies the ground while the plush OrthoLite insole, measuring 13.9 mm, adds cushioning for extended walks. Compared to the average kick in our lab, its insole is boldly 8.3 mm thicker! 

With its signature diamond-patterned outsole, reminiscent of its basketball roots, the Chuck 70 ensures superior grip even on wet surfaces. No matter what surface we tackled, we remained surefooted throughout.

However, despite its high-top feature, it lacks heel and ankle support since the canvas material doesn’t have any structure. Those who prefer more lateral stability should check other options.


  • Ever-popular, iconic silhouette
  • Versatile for any outfit and occasion
  • Highly durable construction
  • Light for a high-top sneaker
  • Grounded platform
  • Surprisingly flexible
  • Affordable price point


  • Not breathable
  • No arch support
  • Very narrow profile
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Best high-top leather trainers

Nike Dunk High

What makes it the best?

We strutted around town with the best high-top trainers and found Nike Dunk High as our best leather kick. It’s got a retro hooper vibe that looks timeless and our lab confirms it’s high quality upper. The shoe offers a grounded and stable ride and is stiff and flexible in the right areas, balancing comfort and support flawlessly.

Starting from the top, Dunk High sports an all-leather look which we further tested with our blowtorch. Since the panels didn’t catch fire, we can confirm the material’s authenticity. It also displayed incredible durability in the toebox area by earning a 4/5 durability score in our Dremel test.

During our wear trials, we had steady footing and ground feel thanks to the low 22.6/14.9 mm stack. Being so close to the ground naturally boosts our control over footwork, keeping its basketball heritage alive. The high-top also supports our ankle without the uncomfortable stiffness and rubs.

Surprisingly, Dunk High feels effortless to walk in and our bend test quantifies this with a result of 4.8% more flexible than average. The more we wore these trainers, the more they felt comfortable on foot. However, note that Dunk High requires a break-in period and feels highly stiff at first. Those who prefer comfort out of the box should explore further.


  • Iconic and classic look
  • Retro hooper vibes
  • Superb quality
  • Real leather
  • Incredibly durable
  • Very stable and close to the ground
  • Great value for money
  • Eye-catching silhouette
  • Many colorways
  • Extra top eyelet


  • Not for wide feet
  • Needs breaking in
  • Leather creases easily
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Best all-weather high-top trainers

Vans Sk8-Hi MTE-2

What makes it the best?

Our go-to and top pick for high-top trainers in any kind of weather is the Vans Sk8-Hi MTE-2. We found this shoe an exceptional defence from any adverse weather and other environmental factors, not just because it acts as a foot shelter but also because it’s a tank with matchless sturdiness!

We tested this sneaker in rainy and snowy conditions, and it provided us with long-lasting comfort and cosiness. We confirmed that its Hydro-Guard 360 component effectively sealed the sneaker’s upper and repelled moisture. Also, frozen toes are something we never had to experience with the Sk8-Hi MTE-2 embracing our feet.

Due to the robust ankle support this high-top kick provides, we are able to enjoy it in various outdoor activities as we are also granted excellent stability. Combined with outstanding durability, this sneaker made us feel unstoppable! We found that it’s strong against heavy use.

At £150, we found this sneaker reasonably priced. However, it goes beyond the value of most trainers by 19.3% so if you prefer something that’s at a lower price range, we recommend seeking other cheaper high-top trainers.


  • Top-notch weatherproofing
  • Supportive foothold
  • Real suede
  • More flexible than it seems
  • Grippy
  • Super plush insole
  • More than 10 colorways


  • Heavier than average
  • Not for wide feet
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