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White wrestling shoes

Wrestling may be one of the sports you're less likely to associate with white shoes. It is a full-body contact sport where athletes literally get down and sweaty. And when you combine sweat and players scrambling, you're bound to get dirty. So, why wear white wrestling shoes?

White goes well with any other color. So whatever the shade of your team color, a pair of white wrestling shoes will do just fine.

Brands that offer white wrestling shoes

You can get white wrestling shoes from Asics and Adidas. However, it should be noted that what they offer aren't pure white shoes. Pops of color are added on the upper via the overlays. Not only do they add style, but amplify the overall foothold of the wrestling shoe. There are also models with colorful sole units or have transparent ones that allow you to see the design beneath it.

If you're a fan of white and gold combination, white Asics wrestling shoes from the Jordan Burroughs collection might entice you. Meanwhile, you can fine white Adidas wrestling shoes with red, black, silver, or blue overlays.

White wrestling shoes from Asics and Adidas come in splitunisole, and hybrid sole configurations. These outsole constructions give wrestlers the freedom to choose whether they want more traction or movement on the bottom of their feet.

The cost of white wrestling shoes

White wrestling shoes typically cost $100 to $150. That's a bit steep, especially when you're just starting out in your wrestling career. On the bright side, here at RunRepeat, you can get a pair of white wrestling shoes for as low as $55.