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While not used for official games in the diamond, turf baseball cleats are just as important as any other types such as the metal baseball cleats or those baseball shoes with molded studs. Turf shoes are often used for training and are sought after for their comfortable fit. These boots are also used as trainers and can pass for daily wear. 

Of course, as the demand for turf baseball cleats rose, brands also clamor to come up with creations that deliver the best comfort. Huge baseball brands such as Adidas, Nike, and New Balance are just some of these. Here are the notable baseball brands that are well-known for their cleats and the technologies that go with them:

Nike baseball cleat technologies

best turf trainer baseball cleats
Best turf trainer baseball cleats - November 2019

The Swoosh is a league of its own. Since its inception, the brand has branched out into numerous types of footwear which, of course, includes baseball cleats. Here are some of the notable technologies found in turf baseball cleats and the models that bear them:

Nike Zoom technology

The Zoom technology is designed to deliver a lightweight feel and responsiveness. This innovation makes use of pressurized air units that have tightly stretched fibers for impact absorption. For every step taken, the tensile fibers contract and snap back, lessening the strain on the muscle, joint, and tendons. The Nike turf baseball model with this technology is the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 Turf. 

Lunarlon Foam

Taking inspiration from astronauts bouncing on the moon’s surface, Lunarlon makes use of a foam that is 30% lighter than standard Phylon. Bringing a soft feel while maintaining responsiveness, this foam offers a larger impact distribution which in turn protects the more vulnerable parts of the foot. Several turf baseball cleat models feature this technology from Nike includes the Nike Alpha Huarache Turf and the Nike Alpha Huarache Varsity Turf models. 

New Balance baseball cleat technologies 

This Boston-based company has come a long way since its humble beginnings. What started out as a company that manufactured arch support has since expanded into full footwear construction. The organization is also known to create baseball shoe collections that drive performance on the diamond. Here are some of the technologies found in New Balance baseball cleats: 

REVlite midsole

This innovation is designed to bring a similar level of responsiveness and durability of foams that are 30% heavier. This results in a lightweight sensation for the wearer without compromising underfoot cushioning and stability. The New Balance turf baseball cleat with this innovation is the NB 4040v5 Turf. 

Fresh Foam midsole

This type of midsole is created through an injection-molded heat process. While still technically an EVA-based foam, it makes use of an updated chemical compound — the resulting material yields more stability. The New Balance turf baseball cleat with this technology is the New Balance Fresh Foam 3000v4 Turf.

ABZORB cushioning

This New Balance cushioning system is developed for shock absorption as well as energy displacement. It is usually integrated into the forefoot and the heel area. The New Balance turf baseball cleat model is the NB 460v3 Umpire and the NB 950v2 Umpire. 

Under Armour baseball cleat technologies

The Under Armour brand has made a definite jump in the last few decades in terms of product development and success. What started off as a sportswear company has grown tremendously over the years and branched out into footwear.  Here are some of the technologies found in Under Armour turf baseball cleats: 

Charged Cushioning

Charged is a cushioning technology that is designed for impact absorption and responsive cushioning. The Under Armour turf baseball cleat with this technology includes the UA Harper 4 Turf. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the different types of baseball cleats?

There are three different types of baseball cleats. These are metal, molded plastic, and turf/ trainers. Each type brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages to the diamond. For starters, metal cleats are the cleat of choice of professional baseballers. Featuring thin metal studs, the shoe delivers the strongest grip because the spikes quickly penetrates the ground. This cleat type, however, can bring about injuries, especially when the wearer is making sudden direction changes. 

Next, are molded plastic cleats. This cleat type is generally less pricey than metal baseball cleats. Usually made from durable plastics, molded plastic cleats feature non-removable plastic studs embedded in the soleplate. They are favored by Junior League players and are ideal for wet courts as they do not pick up mud easily. 

Lastly, there are turf or trainers. This shoe type is coveted for their comfort rather than their performance on the diamond. They are commonly used for training sessions and are built to last. Some even use them for daily wear.