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Wearing a pair of Hoka One One hiking boots during your next adventure is an option you should think about. The brand’s mid-cut hikers are known to be lightweight and flexible. At the same, they still provide the sufficient support, protection, and traction you will need outdoors. The technologies infused in them help optimize your performance on the trail as well.

Benefits of the best men's and women's Hoka One One hiking boots


best hoka one one hiking boots
Best Hoka One One hiking boots - December 2019


Hoka One One hiking boots are designed to give outdoor enthusiasts a much-needed boost when it comes to comfort. It all starts with the upper and its lightweight construction. The brand’s best hikers come with synthetic uppers that feel feathery when used on the trail. When paired with a cushy outsole, these Hoka One boots will help you hike more comfortably without burdening your feet with unnecessary weight.


Hoka One One hiking boots are particularly known for the support they can offer you. Some of the company’s footwear models use an oversized ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole to provide plenty of cushioning. This midsole component is also crafted by Hoka One One to grant stability and support with every step. Also, the hiker’s footbed delivers a boost in cushioning and arch support.


Overcoming various trail conditions won’t be possible if your footing isn’t secure. Hoka One One hiking boots come with grippy outsoles to keep you stable while you’re outdoors. The company’s finest hikers come with multi-lugged Vibram outsoles that deliver traction on uneven ground and slippery surfaces. These lugs also shed mud and debris while you move for optimal grip.


Hoka One One hiking boots are crafted with an emphasis on flexibility. Some hikers employ a synthetic upper that flexes easily with your movement. Unlike typical leather hiking boots, their footgear products can be broken in easily. The midsole and outsole used in these models are also engineered to be bendable. Various technologies found in these components further enhance their flexibility so every stride you make will be springier.


Every trail has its own set of obstacles that can slow you down. The best Hoka One One hiking boots are packed with features that protect your feet. Some of the brand’s hikers come with waterproofing technology to keep your feet dry while you’re traversing wet trail conditions. Select Hoka One One boots feature uppers made of full-grain leather, a material known for its resistance to abrasive elements. Also, select footwear models are equipped with sturdy rubber toe caps that extend towards the midfoot area for increased protection.

What sets Hoka One One hiking boots apart

Shoe Technologies

  • eVent. This specialized membrane’s surface consists of around a million pores to prevent water from being absorbed. This same microporous construction also allows sweat to pass through, making the liner breathable.
  • Vibram. Outsoles made by Vibram are known to withstand rough terrain while delivering traction. Its profile is filled with aggressive lugs that grip on virtually all types of surfaces. The best Hoka One One hiking boots feature Vibram outsoles made of durable Megagrip rubber.
  • Microban. This third-party technology uses zinc to prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria inside some of the Hoka’s hikers. As a result, your foot won’t generate a foul smell while you are out and about.
  • Matryx. This is a patented upper technology foundin select Hoka One One hiking boots. It features a high-tensile synthetic fiber material across the midfoot area to achieve a boost in durability and strength without adding weight to the footgear.
  • Profly. Certain Hoka One One hiking boots are equipped with Profly technology. This dual-density EVA midsole offers snappy and responsive cushioning. The midsole’s heel area is softer to protect your landing while the firm forefoot section grants enhanced propulsion.
  • RMAT. This midsole component is made of a combination of rubber and EVA. Thanks to this construction, an RMAT midsole grants maximum support, stability, and durability in key wear areas.
  • Skyshell.  Lightweight Hoka One One hiking boots come with a Skyshell liner. Its full-bootie construction houses a waterproof membrane to keep your foot dry while tackling various wet trail conditions.


Hoka One One was founded in 2009 by two former Salomon employees, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. The duo’s primary goal was to manufacture shoes that enabled them to run downhill faster. This vision is represented by the brand’s name which means “fly over the earth” in Maori. They came up with an oversized midsole component to provide more cushioning than other running footwear products offered by other companies.

The company went on to create various models for runners until it was purchased by Deckers Brands on April 1, 2013. Since then, this brand would expand its offerings by creating footwear for hiking, fitness, and casual purposes.

Their products, including Hoka One One hiking boots, can be purchased mostly from their partner stores in North America. There are also various online retailers that ship these hikers to any location around the world.

Frequently asked questions about Hoka One One hiking boots

What kind of socks should I wear with my Hoka One One hiking boots?

Choosing socks made of Merino wool is your best bet when you’re going outdoors. This material regulates heat so your foot won’t sweat that much. It also has anti-microbial properties to keep your foot fresh during a hike.

When should I not use my Hoka One One hiking boots?

Most of the brand’s hikers are only meant for day hikes because of their lightweight construction and flexible design. If you’re planning to carry a backpack while tackling a trail that will last for days, it’s best to go for durable backpacking boots. This type of footwear offers more protection, support, and traction for this particular outdoor activity.