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Asics volleyball shoes

Asics has been manufacturing volleyball shoes since the 1960s. From then, it has released numerous models over the years.

RunRepeat offers a decent collection of volleyball shoes from various brands. They usually cost $100 to $200, but at RunRepeat, you can buy one for as low as $35.

You can avail volleyball shoes form Asics in low-top or mid-top styles. The low-top version affords more ankle mobility. Meanwhile, mid-top volleyball shoes offer better ankle support.

Asics volleyball shoe collection

Volleyball shoes form Asics are crafted to protect against impact using specialized cushioning technology like those found in the Asics Gel Rocket line. Players who perform lots of quick directional changes may do well wearing one from the Asics Netburner collection because of their multiple pivot points.

Meanwhile, if you want to save money, models in the Asics Upcourt line may suit you. Unlike the other two collections, they don’t have fancy technologies but use basic cushioning units to decrease the impact.

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