Profile of the Adidas Adizero Defiant Bounce

Clay court matches involve a series of sliding, thrusting, and propelling on a soft surface. These movements are taken into account by the Adidas Adizero Defiant Bounce which offers lightweight support in a minimal design package. 

Comfort is provided by its snug-fitting knit upper and significantly cushioned Bounce midsole. The shoe’s enduring herringbone outsole keeps wearers at the right rhythm as they accelerate from the baseline to the net and drive towards the sidelines.


Traction. For grip and traction on soft courts like clay, the Adidas Adizero Defiant Bounce is equipped with a surface-specific Adiwear 6 outsole. The rubber-made material is known for its hard-wearing properties, which are intended to provide maximum performance on such a challenging landscape.

Tread pattern. It uses a full herringbone tread pattern to bring stability during exhaustive matches. This zig-zag design allows the clay particles to slip in between the grooves to minimize foot slippage.


Support. The low-to-the-ground profile of the Defiant Bounce promotes effective court contact. This is supported by a lightweight shaft that acts as a bridge from the midfoot to the heel. It promises to deliver stability during lateral cuts and pivots.  

Cushioning. As its name suggests, the Bounce technology incorporated in the midsole is designed to support the foot well and spring it back up to reduce stress on the foot and joints. This cushioning unit can keep the feet comfortable over long matches.


Material. A single-layered knit material takes up the entire upper of the Adizero Defiant Bounce. This fiber-designed cover naturally expands with the foot, preventing blisters from forming. It offers a maximum cooling effect, thus putting an adequate amount of comfort during rounds of court play. 

Fit. This cleatie-structured upper tends to offer a comfortably snug environment for the foot.

Additional Info

  • Adidas has released a 2nd version of the Adizero Defiant Bounce. 
  • Unlike the newer version, the Adizero Defiant Bounce has webbed eyelets at the mid-section of the eyestays where laces are looped through for a snug fit.


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