Vivobarefoot men's and women's size chart

Vivobarefoot shoes are not like your typical running shoes or casual sneakers. Your feet are going to experience something similar to being barefoot, which is actually in the brand’s name and identity.

Is Vivobarefoot true to size?

Because of the unique designs of its shoes, it is a real challenge to compare the sizing of these shoes to other brands.

So, instead of trying to figure out whether they run true to size, we highly recommend starting from scratch and measuring your feet first.

Note: As there are no half sizes in Vivobarefoot, we recommend going with the next size up.

Vivobarefoot men's and women's size chart

The brand itself recommends having at least 4 mm of toe space to make sure your feet are comfortable.

And if you have wider feet and prefer that extra room, you can go up to 14-20 mm.

Warning: Having too much length upfront is not good either. It may lead to tripping and falling.

How Vivobarefoot shoes fit

Vivobarefoot shoes are made with foot health and science in mind. Allowing your feet and toes plenty of room to splay out naturally helps to strengthen them and reduce the risk of deformities over time.

Apart from the generous forefoot space, these shoes also have incredibly thin and flexible soles. They bend along with the feet, promoting the most natural movement. As close to being barefoot as you can get.

Vivobarefoot  men's size chart
Vivobarefoot  women's size chart