Updates to Skechers Flex Appeal

  • High quality performance and an appealing, modern style; these are some of what the Skechers Flex Appeal has to offer. Whether the runner is going on casual runs or tackling races, this running shoe is there to put some oomph into the performance. It’s very lightweight and it’s optimized to move along with the foot.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe channels the natural flexibility of the runner. It’s evident in its name, as well as how it was constructed. Flexible and stretchable fabrics are used as the main cover system of the Skechers Flex Appeal. It’s not irritating to the skin and it even allows air to ventilate the foot when wearing it.
  • The midsole unit uses a foam material that is very lightweight and flexible. It encourages the runner to move as naturally as possible, making sure that the performance is as smooth and tuned to the needs of those who are wearing it. An insole that conforms to the shape of the foot gives contoured support to the heel, arch and metatarsals.
  • The outsole of the Skechers Flex Appeal uses a durable rubber material that’s placed in critical areas where wear and abrasion are most likely to occur. The platform is actually also in contact with the ground itself, but the foam is highly durable. Flex grooves allow the foam to bend, especially during the forefoot lift.

Size and fit

The Skechers Flex Appeal has an average running shoe length. It follows the regular measurements when it comes to sizing. The available width is medium, so it accommodates the runner who has a medium sized foot. Its semi curved shape actually adheres to the natural curvature of the human foot.


The FlexSole material works both as the outsole and midsole units. It serves as the underfoot platform and a ground-contact foam that delivers natural movement. The foot will be able to flex more naturally because of the flex grooves that have been cut all over its undersurface. It’s durable and it doesn’t wear off easily. This material is also integrated into the Flex Appeal 2 and other running shoes from Skechers.

A durable rubber material is placed in critical areas where wear and abrasion are mostly common. It shields the rest of the sole unit while also making sure that the runner gets responsible traction.


The mid-sole unit uses the FlexSole to provide responsible cushioning to the foot. It’s a plush foam that supports the foot at all times. It’s catered to neutral runners, and those with under pronated foot motion. It keeps the foot balanced, preventing discomfort or injury during the running sessions. It also gives protection from impact, making sure that the underfoot experience is as comfortable as it can be.


The Skech-Knit technology is a breathable material that brings comfort to the foot at all times. It keeps the foot dry and cool, thus enabling the runner to perform for longer periods. It’s naturally flexible and easy on the skin.

A seamless construction does away with unnecessary stitching and other uncomfortable layers that might cause discomfort to the skin. The inner fabric is smooth, even allowing the runner to wear the Skechers Flex Appeal even without socks.

A padded tongue and collar locks the foot in place. It adds more comfort to the dimensions of the foot, but it doesn’t make the fit feel too tight.

A Memory Foam insole makes sure that the foot gets the contoured support it needs to run more efficiently and comfortably.


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Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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