Our verdict

In all fairness, it is a lightweight boot, not for load bearing. If you are an occasional hiker or weekend warrior, then the durability will no doubt be much better than the daily testing I put it through. I've learned that the Ultra 3 Mid GTX is not structured enough for extended climbs or carrying a heavy pack. But, the grip and the superb waterproofness surely make it a great hiking boot for easier days!


  • Waterproof
  • Glove-like fit
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing grip
  • Admirable comfort
  • Protective features


  • Lacks ankle support
  • Not durable

Audience verdict


Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX review

Marketed by Salomon as a bestseller thanks to Descent Control technology, and being a bit of a Salomon “fan”, I felt the need to investigate for myself, the X Ultra Mid 3 GTX.

There is a lot to like about this shoe and coming from someone who is not wearing the shoe for the odd hike, but for daily work, this comes as high praise. The price is a fair trade for the features you receive.

Nice design

The Salomon Ultra is an amazing boot for its category – that of a lightweight hiking boot. I can honestly say it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing a hiking boot, it was that comfortable!

The tread of the boot is amazing; the grip on the sole is great even with beach sand and amongst rocks. In muddy conditions, provided it’s not a clay mud that sticks, the grip is solid and can’t be faulted.

With a shaped footbed and the orthopedic cushion support, this boot was heaven on my feet in the rough terrain. With the added, not real pleasure, of being a plantar fasciitis sufferer I was really impressed with the cushion support. 

The inner soles are also easily removable to allow for cleaning and dirt removal, a must at the end of each day's hiking.

The breathable Gore-Tex keeps your feet dry, but in light rain or long wet grass they unfortunately still get slightly wet. However, the protective rubber toe cap is great for added protection in descents and makes for easy cleaning.

I must say, particularly in my line of work, the fast tying laces are amazing for donning the boot on and off, something I do regularly. Being near the sea, the metal eyelets have however corroded slightly.

In almost any condition – rocky and wet, muddy or sandy conditions this boot maintained well and performed as promised, definitely a king in its category.

Comfort & style of the X Ultra 3 Mid GTX

Coming in at about 500g per shoe (size dependent) it is relatively light and fits like a glove. 

I wear a comparatively small boot to most, 42.5, and have a wide foot but with great relief did not experience any blisters with this shoe. While offering the comfort of a trail shoe you get the support of a hiking boot, kind of the best of both worlds in one shoe.

Durability issues

Durability is sadly where this shoe falls short. I wear this shoe on almost a daily basis in every weather condition and terrain imaginable.

Although Salomon offers a 2-year quality warranty on most of their products, this shoe did not last a year before the boot tore on the toe bend section. Regrettably no repair possible.