Who should buy the Reebok Allen Iverson Legacy

The Allen Iverson Legacy by Reebok is ideal for you if:

  • A shoe with a cushioning system comparable to Reebok Answer 1 is what you are eyeing.
  • You are after a comfy basketball sneaker of premium quality. 
  • Footwear with a retro vibe appeals to you. 

Reebok Iverson Legacy Logo2

Profile of the Reebok Iverson Legacy

The Reebok Iverson Legacy is a hybrid of Allen Iverson’s previous signature shoes such as the Question, Answer 1, and Answer 3. Similar to the vintage basketball shoe models, the upper of the Iverson Legacy comes with patent leather and mixed materials. It has a high-top silhouette with an authentic and classic design. Its traditional DMX cushioning delivers responsiveness.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Profile2


Cushion. The Reebok Iverson Legacy features the classic DMX cushioning encased in a lightweight EVA midsole. The DMX technology is like an air mattress. The air moves from the forefoot to the heel and vice versa as wearers strut the court.

The Allen Iverson Legacy comes with a removable EVA insole. This allows Orthotics for those who want to customize their step-in comfort.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Insole1

Traction. The outsole of these Iverson Legacy shoes is the exact replica of the Reebok Answer 1. The pattern is split into two sections for the forefoot and the heel. The sections have four pods each. This configuration gives more natural heel-to-toe transitions.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Outsole1

The pods provide ease of movement as air flows from the forefoot to the heel and back. Heavier hoopers who can push the pods definitely feel the optimum responsiveness of these Allen Iverson shoes.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Outsole2


Length and Width. The Reebok Iverson Legacy has the standard length and width. Even so, there is not a lot of feedback regarding the sizing and fit of this shoe model. New buyers need to fit the shoe in-store before the purchase. 

This hybrid model is also a unisex shoe. Women can go down one size to a size and a half to get the right fit.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Fit1

Lockdown. As a classic basketball shoe, the Allen Iverson Legacy has the standard lace-up closure. The midfoot strap keeps the shoelaces from getting loose and distracting the game.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Lace1


The upper of the Iverson Legacy is made of patent leather and mixed materials. The combination of materials delivers comfort, aesthetic goodness, and durability.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Upper1


The high-top silhouette of the Reebok Iverson Legacy is a combination of the older Allen Iverson models which are the Answer 1, Answer 3, and Question. These Legacy shoes have the outsole of Answer 1, the midfoot design of the Question, and the build of Answer 3.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Style1

Special Colorways of the Reebok Iverson Legacy

The Reebok Iverson Legacy is released in basic colorways:

  • Black/Red
  • Multicolor
  • White/Black/Red/Brass

Reebok Iverson Legacy Colorways2

Facts / Specs

Top: High
Signature: Allen Iverson
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Features: Ankle support
Colorways: Black / Blue / Red
SKUs: CN8222 / CN8404 / CN8405 / CN8406 / DV8196

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