Our verdict

For people looking for old-school Suede sneakers, the PUMA Suede Classic is a great choice. It's a consistently loved pair that has undergone enhancements since its beginnings. Its smooth suede, cool design, and sporty looks make it a fantastic choice for both young and old. Adding in the fact that the shoe is easily obtainable online and at a very wallet-friendly price, we consider this kick is a true blessing.


  • Classy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Supple all over
  • Tonnes of colorways
  • Talk of the town
  • Honours the former model
  • Meets expectations build-wise
  • Great-fitting for her


  • Restrictive (men's variant)
  • Bright colour bleeds


Who should buy the PUMA Suede Classic

Retaining its basketball DNA, the Suede Classic provides a combination of sufficient multi-surface foothold and dependable support. It's the right PUMA footgear for you if:

  • You prefer going sock-less while wearing a casual shirt over a pair of semi-skinny jeans.
  • Affordable kicks, especially those with a classic design, are what you're after.
  • You're a female sneakerhead looking for a snug PUMA kick that's also a Hollywood favourite.

PUMA Suede Classic buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you've had a bad experience with shoes with bleeding uppers, try the Dunk Low from Nike. Also, for a more comfortable fit, consider the Adidas Stan Smith instead.

PUMA Suede Classic no

Flash and substance in suede

We love the classic look and premium feel of this sneaker from PUMA. We attribute that to the shoe's premium-grade suede leather.

PUMA Suede Classic class

Beware the ink

The bright colours of the Suede Classic tend to bleed, so try to avoid getting in the rain. Otherwise, you risk staining your socks and jeans.

PUMA Suede Classic ink

Lavish comfort in the PUMA Suede Classic

It's not all about the looks. We found the PUMA Suede Classic to be super comfortable! Its cushy footbed and dreamy liner are the main culprits in this regard.

PUMA Suede Classic comf

Reels in genuine flattery

We were quite happy to get compliments every time we went out in this sneaker.

PUMA Suede Classic flattery1

Suede Classic: Respectful of heritage

If you happen to be a loyal PUMA fan, you will appreciate the Suede Classic, as staying true to its old model feel-wise.

PUMA Suede Classic heritage

The Suede Classic's rich history

From a warm-up basketball shoe in the '60s to a hip-hop street style kick in the '90s, the PUMA Suede Classic has been worn by many for generations. The introduction of this shoe to the sneaker world came ahead of its time. Instead of using the standard leather and canvas upper, PUMA’s ingenuity to use suede was something that rocked the shoe community.

PUMA Suede Classic histoA

Perhaps the defining moment of the PUMA Suede came in the 1968 Olympics. It was during the national anthem of America—when Tommie Smith, the 200-m gold medalist, and John Carlos, the bronze winner, performed their iconic Black Power salute. Beside their feet during the performance was the now ubiquitous PUMA Suede.

PUMA Suede Classic histoB

Fast forward to today, the current PUMA Suede Classic features a full suede upper on top of the well-known narrow suede tooling (just like in the original). It maintains its relevancy in the present time by having enhanced features.

PUMA Suede Classic histoC

A Hollywood darling

The Suede Classic is not to be sneezed at when it comes to Hollywood fame. Case in point: it was worn by the following celebrities:

  • Margot Robbie (of Suicide Squad fame)
  • Rihanna (Puma's Global Ambassador for Women Training)
  • Dustin Hoffman (in the 1982 Hollywood movie Tootsie)
  • Kylie Jenner

PUMA Suede Classic hollywood