Size and fit

The Puma Suede Classic is offered for both men and women. Buyers can feel assured of a shoe that has good hold and support as it still retains its DNA of a basketball shoe. For those who live an active life or who are out and about often, the support is something to really appreciate.

Puma Suede Classic Style

The Puma Suede Classic goes well with the casual shirt and jeans. But if users are stepping up their fashion game, they can go all-black like when Aussie actress Margot Robbie wore the Suede with a long-sleeve shirt, a coat, and rip skinny jeans.

In one of her performances, the singer slash Puma's Global Ambassador for Women Training and Creative Director Rihanna wore these kicks with a vintage shirt, a hoodie, red pants and was adorned with large accessories.

Notable Features

Beyond any doubt, the revered silhouette is the shoe’s most eye-catching feature. It is a sneaker that is head and shoulders above the best of any Puma shoe. This is a form that is clearly identifiable in the Suede Classic.

Adding even more meat to this silhouette is the luxurious-looking suede that now adorns the upper of this shoe. Without costing an arm and a leg, Puma has successfully made comfort and style an easy mix in this shoe.

Puma Suede Classic History

From a warm-up basketball shoe in the 60s to a hip-hop street style kicks in the 90s, the Puma Suede Classic has been worn by generations of people. The introduction of this shoe to the sneaker world came ahead of its time. Instead of using the standard leather and canvas upper, Puma’s ingenuity to use suede was something that rocked the shoe community.

The new material offered athletes and the public something that is quite as durable, but clearly better-looking without compromising performance. It wasn’t very long before some of the top athletes and celebrities were already getting a pair for themselves.

Perhaps the defining moment of the Puma Suede came in the 1968 Olympics. It was during the playing of the national anthem of America when Tommie Smith, the 200m gold medalist, and John Carlos, the bronze winner, performed their iconic Black Power salute. Beside the feet of both men were the now ubiquitous Puma Suede.

Sneaker fans who are steeped in history will also note that if not for this shoe, another of Puma’s much-loved shoe may not have been born-the Puma Clyde. In so many ways, this is a sneaker that has heralded so many things that people have come to love about the Jumping Cat brand.

The shoe has also witnessed a variety of cultural scenes throughout the decades. It was the preference of B-Boys during the time when the popularity of breakdancing soared. Since its release in 1968, this timeless classic maintains its status as Puma’s most iconic sneaker.

Just like the original, the current Puma Suede Classic features a full suede upper on top of the well-known narrow suede tooling. It maintains its relevancy in the present time by having enhanced features.

The global, German-based, athletic label has created products that are infused with fashion, lifestyle, and sports influences. The company's extraordinary industry perspective brings excellence to its line of apparel, accessories, and footwear by using cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs.

Nice to know

  • The award-winning actor, Dustin Hoffman, can be seen wearing the Puma Suede in the 1982 Hollywood movie, Tootsie.
  • Kylie Jenner wore the Suede along with other Puma apparel in a Puma video ad. She also flaunted the iconic pair via her Instagram account.


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