5 Best Adidas Sneakers in 2023

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5 Best Adidas Sneakers in 2023
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If you want to start collecting Adidas kicks or perhaps just adding another Three Stripes model to your sneaker depot, we’ve made this user-friendly tip-off to help you pick which one is the best for you. 

After countless hours of pounding the streets and legions of product comparisons, we have made some recommendations under various categories. We have tested these Adidas sneakers on our feet and in our lab just to find out which is really the finest pair. Check them all out and see which one resonates with your needs. 

Best Adidas sneakers overall

Adidas Stan Smith

What makes it the best?

After days of rocking the streets in these and testing them in our lab, we concluded that the Adidas Stan Smith is the best overall Adidas shoe. We decided this not just because of its looks and storied history but because we were blown away by 3 things: its plush comfort, resistance to the rain, and maintenance that's basically a piece of cake.

From properly testing the Stan Smith, we really felt how comfortable it is. Its plush interior was apparent from the moment we put them on. We found that it was lined with buttery-soft leather from heel to tip.

Next, we looked at how the Stan Smith deals with the rain. We tested how it would fare against wet conditions by pouring a stream of water over it. The result: the water ran down the sides of the sneaker and the interior was mostly dry! We found the sneaker to be water-tight except for the perforations - still proving to be a water-repellent shoe.

When it comes to maintenance, the results are very positive for the Stan Smith. We tested how well it deals with stains by applying dye to its upper. From this, we saw that the Stan Smith’s leather is great at avoiding stains. Additionally, we performed an abrasion test by pressing a power drill with a wire brush to its upper. While it did thin out its upper by a bit, it just gave the shoe a worn look that may even look appealing to some.

We issue a word of caution, however, to those looking for arch support in a sneaker. From our experience, there was very little of it in the Stan Smith.


  • Classic silhouette
  • Numerous colorways and collaborations
  • Easy to style
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof


  • Runs large
  • Lack of support
  • Takes some time to wear in
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White (H04334)
Gray (GX4450)
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Best retro Adidas sneakers

Adidas Busenitz

What makes it the best?

We spent countless hours examining kicks in the lab and testing them on city streets, and we found that the Adidas Busenitz is the epitome of all retro Adidas sneakers. Its attention-grabbing skating silhouette perfectly embodies the 90s sneaker scene: stylish and functional. We discovered that the vintage suede upper and caramel soles provide top-notch resilience that gets even better with age!

One hint of the sneakers' 90s roots that we really love is the caramel-colored gum soles. Aside from complementing the vintage theme of the Busenitz, we found that the soles are extremely grippy and durable too. During our test walks, we noticed that the deep grooves provide appreciable traction on various surfaces. Even after skating and foot braking with them for several days, the soles survived and still had a grip that allowed us to stick to the board.

The Busenitz's oversized tongue is also undeniably borrowed from the nineties exaggerated sneaker trend. It is also a fun touch that the tongue is customizable, as it can be cut shorter! We also found, after pouring water over the sneaker, that the tongue, as well as the suede upper, are pretty watertight.

We further examined the upper in our lab by going at it with a Dremel drill fitted with a metallic brush. The sneaker exhibited promising durability as only a small amount of powdery residue resulted from the abrasions. Plus, the Busenitz looked even more rad after the scratching!

However, the Adidas Busenitz is not breathable. Sneakerheads who prioritize ventilation and airflow should look elsewhere.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Fits true to size
  • Grippy as anything
  • Technical shoe for responsive skating
  • Surprisingly weatherproof
  • Classic silhouette
  • Easy to clean


  • Takes a long time to break it
  • Narrow in the toe box
  • The big tongue isn't for everyone
  • Not very breathable
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Crystal White / Preloved Yellow / Gum (IG5254)
Black (IG5252)
Core Black / Cardboard / Gold Metallic (HQ2028)
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Best running-inspired Adidas sneakers

What makes it the best?

After pounding the pavement in these sneakers and crunching the numbers in the lab, we concluded that the Adidas Puremotion is the best running-inspired sneaker from Adidas. With its excellent traction and foot lockdown, running in them felt very secure and enjoyable. And to top it off, they are extremely light!

During our initial wear test, we loved the excellent fit and security that Puremotion provided. It performed even better during our test runs, keeping our feet in place the entire time. The extra eyelets aren't just for show; we found that using them further provides excellent heel lock.

What surprised us the most, though, is how grippy the EVA outsoles are. We discovered that the wide surface area of the foam grips well onto roads and tarmacs. Weighing in at 8 oz or 228g, the Adidas Puremotion is 14% lighter compared to the average road running shoe (9.3 oz or 265g).

However, we did notice that the midsoles are quite firm, and the stack height is minimal. As a result, we experienced very little impact protection during longer runs. In the lab, we used a durometer to measure the hardness of the midsole, and it showed a reading of 49.5 HA. The midsoles of Adidas Puremotion are 98.8% stiffer compared to the average (24.9 HA)!

Furthermore, the measured 23.7mm heel and 15.2mm forefoot heights of the Puremotion are 27.5% and 36.4% below average (32.7mm and 23.9mm). This explains the increased ground impact and discomfort in the ball of our feet during test runs. We recommend that people prioritizing softer and more protective midsoles should explore other options.


  • Fits true to size
  • Comfy for leisurewear
  • Modern looking upper
  • Great grip
  • Lots of lacing options
  • Super flexible
  • Good lockdown


  • Durability issues
  • Midsole is really firm
  • No energy return
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Halo Blue/Vapour Pink/White (GV7362)
Ink/White/Indigo (FX8924)
Vapour Pink/White/Orange Tint (GY3387)
White/White/Clear Pink (GZ8447)

Best cushioned Adidas sneakers

Adidas Campus 00S

What makes it the best?

If only one word can be associated with this sneaker, it is ‘favorite.’ It is unbelievable how many times Adidas Campus 00S has been referred to as the sneakerheads’ new favorite shoe. I mean, why couldn’t they when this sneaker made them feel like cool kids? Apart from its badass retro skater look, it is a top pick when taking outdoor walks as it is supremely padded, delivering additional comfort every stride.


  • Extremely padded tongue and collar
  • Astounding comfort
  • Awesome for daily and casual wear
  • Spot-on fit
  • Light on foot
  • Soft suede upper
  • Worth the price
  • Old-school vibes
  • Stylish for casual fits
  • Comes with two extra sets of laces


  • Requires break-in period
  • Its midsole’s a tad firm
  • Difficult to clean and maintain
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Supplier Colour/Off-white/Core Black (ID7041)
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Alumin/cblack/alumin (HQ8711)
Wonder White/Cloud White/Off White (HP2924)
Bright Blue/Cloud White/Dark Marine (ID2049)
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Best premium Adidas sneakers

What makes it the best?

Yup, this one definitely equates to a chunk of change. But its top-of-the-line quality makes it extra hard to hate it for its price. It is not shocking at all if a random onlooker would mistake Adidas Forum Premiere for a designer brand, as the sneaker fans themselves already consider it one! With its clean and toned-down branding, plus its killer profile, this kick is the one to beat for modish-casual outfit gaming.


  • Fluffy cushion bed
  • Ankle supportive
  • Spacious toe room
  • Comfortable for day-to-day wear
  • Spectacular level of quality
  • Dope style and colorway
  • Rocks casual and not-so-casual looks
  • Comparable to high-end brands
  • Worth the price


  • Bordering-sneaker-boots heavy
  • Double the Forums’ usual price
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Comparison of the 5 best Adidas sneakers

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How we test sneakers

Choosing among the myriad of Adidas sneakers is not an easy feat. That is why we painstakingly do all the dirty jobs to save you from opening multiple tabs. 

  • Not sponsored, but we buy shoes using our money, to avoid biased feedback. 
  • We subjected these sneakers to actual indoor and outdoor tests to get authentic results. 
  • We go wild and slash the shoes open to see the interior parts more plainly. We also run tests on the shoes to identify how simple it is to clean the sneakers, how durable they are, how it naturally flexes with the foot and other things.

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