Converse Unt1Tl3D is “Not a Chuck”

Converse Unt1Tl3D isn’t your usual Chuck. Though its high-top silhouette appears like the all-time favorite Chucks, its screaming graphic says it all. It isn’t the first time Converse teased All Star diehards and devotees with a fresh spin on the iconic kick. It got spiked up and pumped up several times. But what sets this Not a Chuck profile apart is its lopsided details, all in a comfier and lighter package.

What makes it less of a Chuck?

  • It’s built with a thick midsole with a soft sockliner that makes it comfy, minus all the heaviness right from the box
  • The instep offers a snug fit as the tongue gets a bit beefed up with foam
  • Even without the traditional rubber foxing along the sides, this kick remains durable
  • For a more upbeat and unconventional vibe, its sole is stripped off with the customary brown rubber waffle tread and prettified with a brighter orange layout
  • The ankle patch with a missing Chuck Taylor signature is placed on the lateral section while the Star Chevron takes the medial side


The current trend of Converse Unt1Tl3D.
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