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9 reasons to buy

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Top shoes are so comfortable on the feet, many users say.
  • Plenty of reviewers love the combination of platform height and classic style.
  • The extra height these sneakers give has received a lot of praises from satisfied buyers.
  • Some people have noted that these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Top sneakers contain much more cushioning than regular, non-platform Chucks.
  • The shoes are easy to clean according to a few customers.
  • A small number of persons have commented that they will be purchasing another pair in a different color.
  • Some individuals have reported that these high-tops from Converse are quite sturdy.
  • A handful of consumers claim that the sneakers are well-made and that the leather material used is strikingly beautiful.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Clean High Tops, as these kicks are also known, go great with just about everything.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops run big, many testers have noted.
  • The shoes will need to be broken in before they feel comfy enough, several people have reported.

Bottom line

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops are luxe versions of the legendary Chuck Taylors. The platform soles add an illusion of height and also give a modern twist to the classics loved by many.

The shoes are comfier than your standard CTAS sneakers and have a show-stopping look courtesy of the beautiful leather uppers. They’re also well-crafted, sturdy, and excellent overall. There’s no better proof of this than the large number of people who’ve said that they’d buy a second pair.  

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops are women’s shoes with a size range of 5 to 11. As is common with many Chuck Taylor models, these kicks run big. Purchasers are advised to size down by at least a half for a better fit.

Because the shoes’ uppers are made of leather, the first few wears can feel a little stiff, especially around the heels. They do break in nicely after about three or so sessions and can be the comfiest you’ve ever worn.

The shoes’ high profile gives the user ample lateral and medial support. Seven pairs of metal eyelets and flat laces provide the wearer with a secure and customized fit.

The elevated soles provide a better cushioning system for the feet when compared to non-platform Chucks.

Classic with a modern, elevated twist is the best definition for these sneakers, which are inspired by 90s girl bands. The platform soles add a little bit of pizzazz to an old-school style that has been remade dozens of times. The leather, meanwhile, lends more than a hint of sophistication to what would otherwise be a regular, casual look.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops look fine when paired with denim shorts and a fitted tee. The leather fabric makes your informal style look sharper and snappier. 

A more formal attire made up of a skirt and matching blazer can be toned down by pairing with these kicks, which are available in black and white colorways.

Easily noticeable in these kicks is the edgy and sexy vibes they give off, courtesy of the plush leather uppers and platform soles—a throwback to the 90s when girl bands such as All Saints, En Vogue, and TLC ruled. The timeless Chuck silhouette is, of course, still very much present, although there remains little trace of the basketball background that inspired these shoes. 

The extra height these kicks afford users is one of the most commented-on features. Shorter people like the added inches while taller ones say their legs look much leaner in these. The superior feel is second to none, and the quality of CTAS Platform Clean Leather High Tops is obviously outstanding.

You wouldn’t think it when looking at them, but Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops descend from a century-old sneaker that changed the face of basketball. 

In 1917, the Converse company introduced a new silhouette called Non-Skids, later renamed to All Stars. These shoes featured grippy soles and a high-top profile that people found to be excellent bball footwear. Sales were brisk but not that all extraordinary until a salesman named Chuck Taylor wandered in a Converse store and left it as the brand’s ambassador.

Chuck was so good at his job that at one point, around 90% of players (pro and varsity) had on All Stars when playing basketball. To honor Chuck’s enormous contribution to the brand, Converse renamed the All Stars once more to Chuck Taylor All Stars. His name was also added to the famous All Star patch near the heels. 

Since 1917, the silhouette’s basic construction has remained mostly unchanged with just a few small tweaks here and there. There have been many reimaginings, however. One of these is the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Top model, which changed the usual canvas uppers into premium leather and replaced the regular soles with double-stacked ones. 

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Clean Leather High Tops use EVA insoles for cushioning.
  • The rubber soles are vulcanized.
  • Two medial eyelets on each shoe provide ventilation.

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