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Waterproof light hiking boots

Make your trail adventures as carefree as possible, particularly in the rain, in a pair of waterproof light hiking boots. These kicks, while they are intended for mostly mild backcountry pursuits, are fully capable of giving you that extra push.

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A compelling selection of waterproof light hiking boots for men and women

You are in the right place if you are in search of waterproof hikers that shine in short bursts. These not-so-imposing must-haves congregate here, giving those who want to try hiking for the first time a proper springboard.

About half of the kicks displayed here are lightweight offerings, not going beyond 500 g per shoe, unlike most waterproof hiking boots. Also taking up a big space here are leather hiking boots, so if you are a huge aficionado of such, you do not need to be anywhere else.

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