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The Vans brand has been in the industry for some decades now and has provided their fair share of classic silhouettes that have made solid reputations in the history of sneakers. Quite some remarkable Vans silhouettes conquer the footwear industry with their appeal and characteristics. Known for its simple, minimalist designs, the classic Vans shoes did not just make history in the skateboarding community, but also have become staples of many other sub-cultures.

These silhouettes deliver excellent performance and timeless style that have been a few of the essential reasons for these classics to remain relevant in the industry. For many years since each of these sneakers first saw the light of day, many variations for each model have surfaced and gained favors from many fans of the brand both old and new.

Colorways are in wide variety in such colors as black, white, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and many other. Different patterns and design are also available such as the iconic checkerboard as well as camo prints and graphical designs.

Below are the most notable and the most popular Vans classic sneakers and some of their variations:

Most Popular Classic Vans Shoes

Vans Classic Slip-On

Originally known as the “Style #98,” the Vans Slip-On was first launched in the year 1977. The sleek design and the easy slip-on feature of the silhouette made it rapidly acquired popularity. The sneaker most commonly features a canvas upper construction, but throughout time, variations for the shoe surfaced, and iterations were made on the upper material. The silhouette also is not a stranger when it comes to collaborations.

Here are some of the variations of the Vans Classic Slip-On:

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On, Vans Mix Checker Slip-On, Vans Slip-On Platform, Vans Leather Slip-On, Vans Perf Leather Slip-On

The following are some of the collaborative releases of the classic slip-on silhouette:

Vans x Marvel Slip-On, Vans x Peanuts Slip-On

Vans Old Skool

This classic Vans shoe is one of the most-favored silhouettes from the brand with its simple yet versatile design. The Vans Old Skool was first introduced around the year 1977, and was initially called as “Style 36.” It was the first shoe to feature the remarkable leather strip that is stitched on its panels which became the prominent symbol of the brand. As years went on, the Old Skool has witnessed a number of variations and collaborative releases as well.

Other versions of the classic Vans Old Skool sneaker:

Vans Old Skool Platform, Vans Gum Old Skool, Vans Old Skool Pro, Vans Old Skool Lite, Vans Classic Tumble Old Skool

Vans Old Skool collaborations:

Disney x Vans Old Skool, Vans x Marvel Old Skool

Vans Authentic

Featuring a simple low-top profile with a canvas upper construction sitting atop a thick rubber vulcanized sole, the Authentic from Vans delivers versatility with its style. The simplicity of its design is one of the reasons why many love this shoe. It was introduced in the year 1966 and also called the #44 deck shoe.

Some of the Vans Authentic variations:

Vans Authentic Pro, Vans Authentic Surf, Vans Authentic Slim, Vans Authentic Platform 2.0, Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro

Collaborations with the classic Vans Authentic shoe:

Vans x Lazy Oaf Authentic, Vans x Peanuts Authentic, Vans x Marvel  Authentic

Vans SK8-Hi

Following the iconic Vans Old Skool, another classic is offered by Vans which displays a high-top profile. The SK8-Hi was launched in the mid-1970’s and it quickly gained high recognition among skateboarders, bikers, and surfers and eventually among sneaker fanatics, artists, musicians, and even designers globally.

This classic Vans sneaker has also encountered iterations, thus, variations were released:

Vans SK8-Mid Pro, Vans SK8-Hi MTE, Vans SK8-Hi Lite, Vans SK8-Hi Slim, Vans Suede SK8-Hi

Here are also some collaborations with the Vans SK8-Hi:

Vans x Peanuts SK8-Hi Reissue, Vans x The North Face SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX

Vans Era

The Vans Era was developed because of the need to have a shoe that would meet the skaters’ requirements. The initial design of the sneaker was introduced in March 1976 in which it features a canvas upper structure, sitting atop a rubber gum outsole. It also displays a double stitching with some additional padding that offers increased comfort.

Here are some variations of the classic Vans Era shoes:

Vans Era 59, Vans C&L Era 59, Vans C&P Era 59, Vans Era Pro, Vans Logo Mix Era, Vans Gold Mono Era

Commonly Asked Questions about the Vans Classic Sneakers:

What to wear the classic Vans shoes?

Trying to find the right outfit to wear that would match with one’s pair of Vans classic sneakers may be crucial to some, even though most of Vans’ shoes are quite versatile. Here are some ideas that may help in figuring out what to wear with Vans shoes:

  • Keeping the outfit simple is one way to wear the classic Vans. The simple t-shirt and jeans combo may do.
  • Jogger jeans and t-shirt do best with a pair of Vans SK8-Hi.
  • Light colored trousers, t-shirt, and a blazer
  • Sweaters, hoodies, or any cold-weather get up
  • T-shirt and ripped jeans
  • Button ups paired with cuffed fitted jeans
  • T-shirts and cropped skinny jeans
  • For a more formal look, one may wear a pair of jeans with a shirt and coat
  • Skinny jeans and leather jackets
  • Denim jackets

Are there Vans shoes that are vegan?

Yes, Vans offers vegan sneakers. Here are some of the models that, according to Vans, are vegan:

  • Vans Old Skool Vegan 
  • Vans Authentic Canvas
  • Vans Sk8-Hi “True White”
  • Vans Slip-On Canvas
  • Vans Classic Zapato Del Barco Canvas

How to clean Vans shoes?

There are some effective methods on how to keep one’s pair of Vans kicks stays clean, most especially the white ones that are quite a familiar colorway for Vans. Below are some methodical procedures on how to clean a pair of classic Vans sneakers:

White Strip Bleaching

Pick a cleaning product to use on the white portion of the shoe

Most users like it if the white rubber sole of their classic Vans would always look fresh and clean. There are some products that one may use to acquire the brand new look of their Vans. Here are some:

  • Bleach
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Liquid Nail Polish Remover
  • Window Cleaner
  • Lemon Juice
  • Magic Eraser
  • Baking soda and water

When using the cleaning products such as bleach, make sure that the area where the cleaning will be done is covered. It is to avoid damaging surfaces like a table, especially when cleaning the shoe inside the house.

Before applying the products to be used in cleaning the rubber sole, make sure that the upper material is covered if it is colored, especially on the part where it meets the rubber. The products mentioned above may cause some permanent stains on the upper material.

When cleaning the area to be cleaned with the said products, use a toothbrush and scrub the surface until the dirt or stain is removed.

After scrub, wipe it clean with water. One may use a wet cloth or wet paper towel.

Quick Cleaning

  • Remove any excess or caked-on dirt from the shoe first if your pair of classic Vans are really dirty. It is advised to let the shoe dry first if it has some muddy dirt on it. One may use a soft toothbrush to scrub off the caked-on dirt.
  • It is ideal to use detergent and warm water when cleaning the shoe. Mix the detergent with the warm water and stir until suds begin to rise.
  • Use a toothbrush when scrubbing the dirt off the shoe with the sudsy mixture. Warm water is best to use in rinsing the shoe.
  • Absorb the excess water with a dry towel thoroughly. Stuff hand towels or paper towels inside to absorb water, and also to avoid shrinkage of the shoe. Let it dry. Air drying is recommended.

Deep Cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure can only be applied to classic Vans shoes that feature a canvas or synthetic upper material. If your shoe is made of leather or suede, please follow the right methods of cleaning said upper materials.

  • Use a mild pre-treater and pre-treat the pair of Vans shoes to be cleaned. This is done when there are serious stains on the shoe, and executed while preparing the washing machine.
  • The washing machine must also be set on a gentle cycle and use cool water. This is to ensure that the shoe will not be damage.
  • Place the pair of Vans inside a pillowcase. If possible, throw in some other things into the wash such as towels to keep the shoe from bouncing too much. Although, it is not quite advisable to put the shoes into the wash.
  • Only use half the usual amount of detergent being commonly used. Also, it is ideal to use a mild kind of detergent.
  • After washing and rinsing the shoe, let it dry. Air dry it, if possible.

Where to buy classic Vans sneakers?

Vans is a big brand in the sneaker industry and the classic silhouettes it offers are available in many retail stores, both physical and online. Here in we partner with online retailers that offer a variety of Vans classic sneakers.

Just go to the main webpage, click on the “Sneakers” button which will take you to the Sneakers page. On the left side is a list of filters that helps you narrow down your options and help you immediately find what you are looking for.

For a list of Vans classic sneakers, just look for the “Collection” and type in “Vans Classic” in the Collection search bar and check the box for the said collection. You will be led to a list of Vans classic sneakers available with our partner retailers. After picking your choice from the list of options, you will be linked to the available offers for the shoe from our partner retailers.

How to identify if the pair of Vans classic shoes is not fake?

Fake products have been an issue lately as there are many surfacing around the market. Vans may not be safe from it as well, and so here are some tips or methods and the procedure on how to spot a fake pair of classic Vans sneakers:

Check the Packaging or the box of the shoe

  • Run the barcode of the shoe found on its box
  • Check the price of the shoe if it is right
  • Check the quality of the box
  • Comparing the paper tags of the shoe
  • Checking the reviews about the retailer sites or dealers of the shoe

What are the best Vans classic sneakers?

Each of the model of classic Vans shoes offer different specialty whether it may be style-wise or performance-wise. When saying the “best” model, it mainly varies on the consumer’s preferences. One may say that a certain model is the best while another one would say that another model is the best pair. It is quite ideal for a buyer to know what they prefer in a shoe. They must be able to know the kind of upper material, the cut profile, and the style of the pair of Vans shoes that they want or might even need.

How much are Vans classic shoes?

Vans classic sneakers are mostly sold at budget-friendly price. The lowest price that a pair of Vans can go is $40. Prices for Vans classic sneakers usually range from $60 to $90. Premium models may bear a much higher price tag. Rest assured that Vans offers great deals that suits one’s budget.

How do Vans shoes fit?

Following the US standard sizing, the sizes of Vans shoes are measured with a Brannock device. Keep in mind that the shoes offered by the brand, especially the performance skate silhouettes, may tend to fit a bit snug. Therefore, going up in size may be applicable. People with wide feet may grab a pair with at least half a size up than their exact foot size.

If the shoes are for men or if they are unisex offered in men’s sizing, women must deduct 1.5 from the men’s sizing. For example, a woman is a size 9, she must get a men’s size 7.5. Also note that if a woman has a foot size below the men’s 6.5, she may fit into the “Kids category.”

Do Vans offer customization for their classic sneakers?

Yes, in fact they do. Under the Vans Custom Shoes Service, the buyers are given the opportunity to customize their own pair of Vans shoes. They can pick the colors, styles, materials, and patterns that they desire for their pair of Vans. Custom options that are available on the list of provided by the website of the brand are the only options that the customer can use when customizing their shoe. This list is always updated, therefore, big chances of having more new options.

The Vans brand also features the “Upload Your Own” customization process in which you can design your Vans shoe with your own art. Just follow the steps/instructions in the brand’s customization webpage.

Do purchased customized pairs of Vans classic shoes take long to arrive?

Here is a customary time frame of how long does it take for a custom Vans shoe to arrive:

  • For the non-image custom footwear: 3-4 weeks
  • For the “Upload Your Own” custom footwear: 4-5 weeks

Keep in mind that the timeframe of these deliveries vary in accordance to the holidays. It is best to check the shipping page upon checkout in order to learn about the updates of holiday timeframes.