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  1. Any color
    Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 - Red/Black/White (F99821)
    Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 - Navy/Gray (F99820)
    Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 - White (FU8167)
    Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 - Orange (F99822)
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    Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - Yellow (AC8708)
    Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - Black (AC6971)
    Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - Royal (AC6973)
    Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - White/Royal/Red (BC0533)
    Adidas Mat Wizard 4 - Red/Black/Red (BC0532)
    £100 £40 Save 60%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Flying Impact - Red Camo (BY1580)
    Adidas Flying Impact - Camouflage Turquoise (BY1581)
    Adidas Flying Impact - Cargo (AC7494)
    Adidas Flying Impact - Black (AQ3317)
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Best unisole wrestling shoes

Best unisole wrestling shoes - November 2019

Wrestling shoes are pretty uncomplicated. They are made with a high-top silhouette for ankle support and a very thin sole unit for flexibility. From brand to brand, these trainers look quite similar with only the logo to tell them apart.

However, there’s something that can get choosing a bit complicated: answering the question, “Which type of sole should I get?” The two choices are unisole and split sole, though the latter has a subtype, that’s for another day. So what’s the difference between these two outsoles?

A unisole uses a full-length rubber while the split sole haw two separate rubber components. A unisole has more grip while the split sole offers more flexibility. But which one suits you best?

If you want more traction on the mat, regardless of which part of the foot is in contact with it, then a unisole design fits you best. Meanwhile, if you want more underfoot flexibility, then a split sole wrestling shoe would be perfect.

Advantages of unisole wrestling shoes


Unlike its split sole counterpart, unisole wrestling trainers have their full bottom covered in rubber. It helps provide the wearer with maximum grip since there are no suede elements on the outsole.


The unisole outsole provides a relatively flat disposition. Which means the foot feels like it’s barefoot on a flat surface. This is important for wrestlers who like the sensitivity provided by barely-there sole units. They can better utilize their feet because they can feel the ground more. The flat construction also allows them to plant their feet firmly on the mat and avoid getting toppled. 


Because there is no suede material on the outsole, the unit can better withstand abrasion brought about by the canvas mat. Unlike suede which can wear out quickly with regular use, rubber is pretty durable, just as long as you don’t use it out on the streets.

Frequently asked questions

How much do unisole wrestling shoes cost?

These types of trainers typically cost somewhere between $70 to $160. An example of this is the Asics Aggressor 4, which features a solid sole. It takes inspiration from the brand’s iconic Rulon wrestling trainer. The Aggressor 4 provides ample ankle support with its cuff-like collar design, and the full-length rubber provides grip regardless of the foot’s position.

Though some of these unisole wrestling shoes are a bit pricey, we here at RunRepeat are happy to find you the best deals. Just click on a model, and we will scour our partner retailers for the best offers. You can get a pair for as much as $30 off.

When should I replace my unisole wrestling shoes?

Replace it when it no longer serves its purpose well. Signs include:

  • The outsole has lost its grip because the tread is rubbed down or it has chipped off.
  • The upper doesn’t securely hold your ankle or the entire foot.
  • Any part of the shoe has extreme tears or holes.

How do I clean my unisole wrestling trainers?

You can wipe off dirt using a clean damp cloth or just brush it off. If there’s any staining, dip a cloth or a brush into a warm soapy solution and then scrub off the dirt. Remove the suds using a damp cloth. Leave it to air-dry for a few hours or overnight before the next use.

You can also wipe the outsole with a damp cloth before each match. It ensures that the gum rubber is free from dust which could affect its grip on the mat.


Do NOT machine-wash your trainer unless otherwise is stated by the manufacturer. Adidas wrestling shoes are built to withstand a washing cycle, however, if there are leather or suede components, that’s not recommended.