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In the sport of track and field, one of the most awaited events in the running competition. It is comprised of five sub-categories. These are the sprints, middle-distance and long-distance races, hurdles, and relays. With this article, the focus would be on the long-distance running meet. More specifically, the track shoe athletes wear to compete in the running contest. 

Long-distance running

Best long distance track and field shoes - May 2020

The long-distance race is claimed to be the most challenging among all other track running meets. This is banking on the fact that the competition mainly tests the athlete’s endurance and mental strength. The distance that the contender must finish ranges from 3000 meters to 10000 meters. Imagine having to finish a track race that long. It would be very strenuous and would take much of one’s energy. 

According to experts, there are three integral factors to be observed when performing in long-distance contests. These are the pacing, stamina, and race tactics. With all of these combined, a winning formula for a long-distance running meet is uncovered. However, this does not necessarily take the long-distance track spike out of the picture. 

As mentioned, the sporting meet is highly demanding. This is the very reason why it needs a special kind of shoe—the track spike. With the added spike feature of the long-distance track shoe, the grip is augmented. Aside from securing surefootedness, sticky traction also highlights stability. Moreover, the track shoe is also engineered with some of the lightest materials available. Given this, the user is not weighed down by the shoe, further increasing propulsion. 

What to look for in a long-distance shoe

Given the distance needed to finish one whole long-distance track sporting meet, it is clear to the mind that it is not an easy feat. Thus, it is right to choose the best long-distance spike by spotting the following attributes. These will help in yielding a top-notch track running performance—may it be in training or in competition. 

  • Flexibility. Perhaps the most pliable track shoe is the long-distance running spike. It also has less taper. Because it is used in longer races, it needs support through the midfoot and heel. With such makeup, the athlete can move the foot without any restriction. This promotes comfort, allowing the wearer to last in the competition.
  • Breathability. When running long distances, moisture build-up is inevitable. This can make the platform a place for bacteria development, which can give rise to odor. That is why when choosing a long-distance track shoe, it is important to consider whether it has breathable materials.
  • Generous padding. Ample cushioning is integral when performing in long-distance competitions. As mentioned, comfort is a must for the runner to last in the running meet. With sufficient cushioning, the foot is also protected from any stress or strain, especially during impact.
  • Minimal spikes. Compared to other track running spikes, a long-distance track shoe has lesser spike pins. These spikes are located at the forefoot of the platform, heightening the forward motion of the contender. Additionally, such spike placement is also intended for lightness without sacrificing the ground adherence of the shoe.
  • Maximum security. When performing long-distance races, a big no-no is unwanted shoe dislodgement. This can cause the risk of slipping or even injuries. That is why it is important to choose a pair of long-distance track spikes with good lockdown and fit. 

Benefits of using long-distance track spikes vs. regular running shoes

It remains a question to some as to why others use long-distance track shoes when there are regular running shoes designed for distance running, as well. Is there really a difference when it comes to function and performance? 

As a matter of fact, yes, there is. Or more like—yes, there are. Here are some of them: 

Superior traction. Stickiness to the ground is one of the factors that affect the acceleration of the runner. That is why each long-distance track running spike is equipped with spike pins. These are responsible for digging into the ground to promote a heightened pace. Meanwhile, a typical running shoe is furnished with a rubber outsole, which also amplifies the grip of the running platform. However, when compared to spikes, spikes tend to have more aggressive traction, delivering a much more stable performance. 

Speed enhancement. Generally speaking, both the usual running shoe and long-distance track spike are configured for acceleration. However, there are several factors affecting this aspect. One of these is the weight of the running platform. In terms of lightness, there is no doubt, the long-distance running spike is more superior. This essentially means that with less bulk, drag is prevented. 

Ultra-light composition. Speed is not the only benefit of having a super featherlight running platform. Energy conservation also comes hand in hand with the lightness of the shoe. Since the long-distance track shoe weighs less than the classic running shoe, it is safe to say that it helps contenders last in the competition. 

Famous long-distance shoe series

Adidas Distancestar

  • Specifically designed for long-distance running events, this Adidas track shoe lineup boasts lightness and comfort. Its makeup allows for durability and maximum track performance. 

Nike Zoom Victory

  • Sporting a minimal design, the Zoom Victory collection from Nike provides a balance of flexibility and stiffness. To top it all off, the series prides itself on delivering optimal propulsion on the tracks. 

Brooks Wire

  • The Wire lineup from Brooks is perfect for those who seek to enhance their speed. Its componentry is one that exhibits lightweight composition and maximum plushness.  

Frequently asked questions

How often should I change my long-distance spike? 

As a rule of thumb, track spikes should be changed every after two seasons. This is to make sure that these are not only functional but also durable enough. This is also intended for a safe track running performance. 

Is a long-distance running spike expensive? 

Not all long-distance running platforms are expensive. However, this does not necessarily mean that lesser priced running shoes are inferior in terms of quality and functionality. These track shoes are usually priced at less than $100. Some of the cheap yet reliable long-distance running spikes are the Adidas Distancestar and Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2

What are the benefits of long-distance running? 

There are some health-related benefits generated from long-distance running. Here are some of them: 

  • It strengthens your heart. 
  • It increases your endurance by strengthening your leg muscles. 
  • More capillaries grow. This, in turn, enhances blood supply. 
  • Long-distance running develops fat-burning capacity.
  • It makes you less injury-prone because it strengthens tendons, bones, and ligaments.