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Comfy Hey Dude sneakers for men and women

Being a relatively new brand, it only took Hey Dude a few years to gain huge popularity both in Europe and in the US. It was established in 2008 in Florence, Italy, by the footwear designers Alessandro and Dario.

The brand is recognized for its moc-shoe silhouette and a rather minimalist vibe. But don't be fooled by its simplicity, these kicks are a real gem in terms of in-shoe comfort.

First of all, they have some of the roomiest toeboxes among sneakers. Even people with wide feet who normally have to get Wide are impressed that they easily fit into a Medium Hey Dude.

Second, their cushioning exceeds the expectations of many and is often described as “soft, squishy, and cushy.” It makes these shoes wearable all day.

Guys can select from a variety of Hey Dude Wally models while ladies have a range of Hey Dude Wendy kicks.

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The brand's footwear collection belongs to the budget-friendly range, given that most of its models are offered for around $60. This is truly impressive given how much these shoes offer in return.

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