Our verdict

The Dame 7 has no serious weaknesses, but we can’t stop comparing it to others that are better. Although we consider it a very solid and versatile shoe, the Dame 7 is still a “master of none” and it still doesn’t make it a favorite. The Dame 8 did much better in every way.


  • Great court feel
  • Very stable and supportive
  • Light
  • OK for outdoors
  • Affordable


  • So-so traction
  • Runs big
  • Needs breaking in

Audience verdict





Who should buy the Adidas Dame 7

The Adidas Dame 7 is for:

  • Signature shoe hunters on a budget
  • Shifty players
  • Outdoor hoopers

Who should NOT buy the shoe

The Dame 7 is not for you if you are heavier and need lots of cushioning. You can go for a more well-cushioned Nike LeBron 20 or the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4.

Since this shoe runs big, it might bring you problems if you are narrow-footed. Going half a size down can help, but it’s better to check out other options like the Adidas Harden Vol. 7

Adidas Dame 7 vs. Adidas Dame 6

The Dame 7 is the very welcome wake-up call to the nightmare that was the Adidas Dame 6. The 6 did nothing right except the responsive Lightstrike cushion, which is rightfully carried over to the 7.

Here is what got better in the v7:

  • traction
  • materials
  • support/lockdown

Traction is NOT amazing, but gets the job done

Traction is definitely not a standout aspect of the Dame 7. We found that it’s still not on the same level as the Adidas Harden.

The shoe still gets the traction job done even on dusty and outdoor courts. But it requires wiping and doesn't feel 100% surefooted.

Adidas Dame 7 traction and outsole

Cushioning leaves much to be desired

Things go sour when it gets to the shoe's cushioning. The Lightstrike foam felt rather thin and hard. This helped to make this Adidas shoe more stable but it seriously lacked both energy return and impact protection.

We thnk that the Bounce Pro setup in the Dame 8 is a much better cushioning choice.

GREAT court feel

What the Lightstrike cushioning gets right is the court feel. It helps the shoe feel low to the ground and quite responsive.

Dame 7 on court

Dame 7 is very secure and very stable

The Adidas Dame 7’s support features seem to be working really well and never made us feel insecure. There is a great deal of heel stability and ankle support. Lateral movements felt supported every time!

Adidas Dame 7 heel closeup

Cheap-feeling upper materials

The materials used on the Dame 7 are not really the most premium. Actually, we even thought that the mesh felt rather basic if not cheap.

However, these materials are still comfortable.

Adidas Dame 7 upper and laces

Adidas Dame 7 runs big

The 7th Dame runs longer than expected, and we recommend going at least half a size down. 

How to lace Adidas Dame 7

Needs breaking in

Several features of the shoe need some time to unleash their potential. That includes traction as well as the upper materials. The latter feel stiff at first but after a couple of games they start to feel like second nature.

Feels light

The Dame 7 is around 50 grammes heavier than its predecessor, but we still found it to be pretty light.

  • Adidas Dame 6 (men’s): 11.8 oz (335 g)
  • Adidas Dame 7 (men’s): 13.7 oz (389 g)
  • Adidas Dame 8 (men's): 14.9 oz (422g)
  • The average weight of mid-top basketball shoes is 14 oz (400 g).


Compared to other signature shoes, the Adidas Dame 7 is indeed cheaper even as a brand new sneaker. For this reason, some of the shoe's drawbacks may be forgiven.

Dame 7 is OK for outdoor use

Having tested the Dame 7 on outdoor concrete and asphalt courts, we think that it has enough outsole durability for that. We haven't observed any serious signs of wear.