Balenciaga men's and women's size chart

A luxury European brand, Balenciaga is something special. The brand’s fashion sneakers refuse to conform, neither in their looks nor in the size and fit department.

With its sizing based on the EU scheme, there is a high chance that your regular US size will differ in Balenciaga.

That’s why it will be of great advantage to know your exact foot length before purchasing a pair.

Balenciaga men's and women's size chart

Balenciaga shoe sizing vs. Nike and Adidas

Based on the brands’ official size charts, Balenciaga requires to size down from Nike or Adidas in men’s models. As for the women’s, there is only about a half-size difference.

Foot length (mm) Balenciaga Nike Adidas
Men's US sizes
260 8 9 9
270 9.5 10 10
280 11 11 11
Women's US sizes
230 6.5 6.5 6.5
240 8 7.5 7.5
250 9 8.5 8.5

Please note that this information is general and may not apply to all shoe models from the mentioned brands. 

How various Balenciaga sneakers fit

Each Balenciaga model is unique. That’s why any general recommendation should be taken with a grain of salt.

There is a high-top, sock-like style like the Speed Trainer. Its laceless design gives a snug, close-fitting wrap which may convince people with wider feet and ankles to size up. 

Then there is the Triple S Trainer that offers a roomier fit. However, its chunky sole can make the heel hold a bit insecure.

For more guidance on each Balenciaga model, we recommend checking the information on their respective product pages.

Don’t have a chance to measure your feet? Find a sneaker that fits you well and check which Balenciaga size is likely to correspond to it using the tool below:

Balenciaga men's size chart
Balenciaga women's size chart