PUMA men's and women's size chart

We compared PUMA’s shoe sizing scheme with the data from more than 190 footwear brands.

Verdict: PUMA’s sizing appears inconsistent with most shoe brands. We strongly advise measuring your foot length prior to purchasing.

PUMA men's and women's size chart

PUMA shoe sizing vs. other brands

Compared to other popular athletic brands, PUMA’s sizing varies depending on whether it’s a men’s or women’s model:

  • PUMA men’s sizes correspond to Reebok’s but are a full size smaller than Nike’s and Adidas’
  • PUMA’s women’s sizes correspond to Nike’s and Adidas’ sizes but are half-a-size bigger than Reebok’s
Foot length (mm) PUMA Reebok Nike Adidas
Men’s US sizes
260 8 8 9 9
270 9 9 10 10
280 10 10 11 11
Women’s US sizes
230 6.5 6 6.5 6.5
240 7.5 7 7.5 7.5
250 8.5 8 8.5 8.5

PUMA trainers: what fit to expect

Popular trainers like PUMA RS-X may appear wide and chunky around the foot but you are safe to go with the normal PUMA size.

PUMA Suede silhouettes are true-to-size lengthwise but because of the narrower profile, they can be constricting for wider feet.

If you have a pair of trainers from any other brand that fits you well, use the tool below to find out its corresponding PUMA size.

PUMA men's size chart
PUMA women's size chart