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Converse Low Top Sneakers

Best Converse Low Top Sneakers - September 2019

We’ve come a long way for sneakers. Different technologies have been invented, cuts constructed, collaborations created, and designs and colorways combined. But looking at its rich history, Converse will always be a brand that will still be worth mentioning. 

Converse low top shoes are one that may not instantly catch your eye because it has been there for so long, but it is something that everyone knows. Having 80 percent of Americans own a pair of Converses for a point in there lives, it is a message that needs to be read. Want to know more about low-top Cons? Then, read on. 

What makes Converse low top shoes unique?

There are many different brands that we cannot miss – Adidas, Nike, Reebok, PUMA and so much more. We all know that there is something in them that makes them relevant up until now, the star factor some will say. But there is something about Converse that made them last this long. More so, many brands have already released their own rendition of this shoe, but we think, this classic outlasted them all. Here are some of the reasons why everyone loves them:

Made for everyone

We’ve seen the Converse sneakers low top to be worn by everyone, even those who represent other shoes like Kanye West for Yeezy, Pharell for Hu, Rihanna for Fenty. Though each of us has our personal style and our way of wanting to express ourselves, Converse low tops act like a chameleon and camouflages into each one’s fashion. 


When they say that it is made for everyone, it extends to the fact that it captivates everyone’s style. Other than the array of colorways and designs that we’ve witnessed, Converse helps unleash users’ inner designer and put their design on the shoe.

Guaranteed timelessness

Many brands and products claim that their brand has a timeless style. But no one has tested how their shoe was able to survive the test of fashion than Converse.  It’s a silhouette that we have seen for a century already, and no one can beat that. 


Even compared to other brands, low top Converse shoes need to cost you an arm and a leg to acquire a pair of a Converse low top. You can purchase a low-top pair for as low as $50. And, just because you can wear them in infinite ways, getting the value for your buck is something that can easily be justified. 

What are the most popular Converse low top pairs?

When thinking of low-top pairs, there’s probably just one model that comes into mind. Converse houses many designs to their products. And, we’re not just talking about the Chucks which we all love and use. We’re talking about different versions and slightly different looks. Here are some of the hot items we have on our list:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

These Converse unisex Chuck Taylor All Star low top sneakers are one of the most recognizable Converses and shoes alone.  Though it was only released on a more recent time, everything is consistent with the OG which makes it as timeless and iconic. 

  • Even though this one has a canvas upper, Converse has also experimented with different materials including leather and suede. 
  • These basketball-inspired shoes got several cameos and were spotted on Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and Baywatch.
  • Men’s and women’s Converse Low Top sneakers are available for this model. 

Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

Because not much has changed on the design, it seems that it is impossible for Chuck Taylors to do retros. But lo and behold, it can be done. We all know that because it was made for basketball, Converse only had a high-top silhouette when it was initially released. But because innovation is a primary need for survival, they released a low-top version in 1957. 

  • These Converse low top Core Ox sneakers exhibit the same key details like the rubber toe guard, All Star heel patch, and signature rubber outsole.
  • This modern-day staple is very affordable at $50.

Converse El Distrito

We’re quite used to seeing the Chuck Taylor emblem, but back in the ‘70s, an official logo for the brand was released. Some of the more recent releases adorned the insignia, including the El Distrito. 

  • These shoes are proof that the brand is capable of reinventing.
  • The El Distrito carries the same low-profile and straightforward design that is quite apparent on Converse sneakers.
  • Despite being a newer released silhouette, the brand kept this affordable for $55. 
  • It is also offered in a wide spectrum of colorways from grayscale tones to rainbow-colored shades. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox

If you want to take your sneaker game on another level, opting for a leather option is a great way to inject sleekness. Just like the canvas, it bears a similar look so, with regards to its style, it would be minimal and simple. 

  • The All Star Leather Ox is made of a vulcanized rubber outsole. 
  • Some of the features that these sneakers feature are the rubber toe cap, contrasting sidewall trim, medial-side ventilation air holes, and rugged toe bumper. 

Converse Jack Purcell Jack Leather Low Top

We probably all know Chuck, but are you also familiar with Jack? He’s probably the brother who’s hiding behind the shadows, but it doesn’t mean that he performs any lesser. Originally a badminton sneaker, it is also packed with features that would better the performance. 

  • The Converse Jack Purcell is older than the Converse Low Top. The latter was released in 1957, while the former in 1935. 
  • Initially, it is an ownership of the PF Flyers. However, in 1972, Converse bought the brand and adopted the Purcell. 
  • The signature design feature of the Purcell is the “smile” on its toebox. 

Converse Chuck II Low Top

The OG Chuck Taylors have been existent for more than 100 years. Which is why, when the brand announced that there would be an updated version, it garnered mixed reactions. It only shows that no matter how old something is, and even though it is not exactly broken, Converse was able to acknowledge and address the demands of its consumers. 

  • Because comfort is one of the qualities that many consumers look for in a shoe, the all-new Chuck II Low Top is clad with Lunarlon cushioning system, a Nike technology. 
  • Another added feature is the non-slip padded tongue. Even though it is a minute feature to add, it is beneficial for people who find it annoying. 
  • A perforated micro-suede liner follows in the impressive list of details, although you’ll only notice it once you get your hands on a pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are low-top Converse sneakers better than high-tops?

It’s not necessarily which one is more superior than the other, but it is a matter of perspective. Both types of construction have its feature to boost. The low-top Converse provides maximum freedom on the ankles while the high-top sneakers give ankle protection. The latter is the silhouette that we know was used in basketball. converse high tops vs low tops

How do I style my Converse low top sneakers?

Though it is not clad with the most futuristic technologies, one of the most exceptional features that the Converse takes pride on is its versatility. We’ve seen everyone wear them, from our grandfather to our nephew. Here are some of our suggestions on how to wear them aside from basic top and pants. 

For men:

  • Taking these to work is possible. An all-black pair or one in dark hues can be paired with dark skinny jeans and a button down. 
  • Stay chill during the winter and pair your Cons with a turtleneck and a jacket. Extra style points are given if you match it with a button down. 
  • When the occasion says black tie optional, it is also a time when you can pull your trusty sneakers to the test. Though some may take a second look and call the fashion police, take it as an opportunity to prove them wrong. 

For women:

  • Who says that preppy is only restricted to Lacoste and Keds? Get the prep look by wearing your pastel-colored sneakers with a button down and tying a sweater on top.
  • Channel an edgy look by topping a leather jacket with a white shirt and skinny black pants. 

How do I find the right size for Converse? 

If it’s your first time to buy a pair or if you are confused with the sizing, Converse recommends to order a size down to get a better fit. If you have precisely no idea on what your size is, you can look at the brand website to get a step by step instructions of measuring your feet. 

Which is a better option, leather or a canvas pair?

Both materials serve different advantages so it would depend on what you are looking for. To help you, here are the benefits of canvas and leather:


  • They’re generally cheaper compared to leather.
  • Converse canvas low top sneakers are great for casual wear. 
  • This type of material works better in the summer because compared to the other, its content is more breathable. 


  • Converse leather low top sneakers are more comfortable to maintain than canvas because most dirt can easily be wiped off. 
  • It looks sleeker and more mature. 
  • This option is more suitable to use for colder months because it provides the necessary warmth compared to canvas. 

Can I wear my Converse low top sneakers with socks?

Yes. If it can be styled in whatever way you want, you can also wear socks with them. Just be sure to consider this when purchasing a pair as socks, especially the thick ones, can affect the fit of your shoes. Go as minimal or as bold as you want. And remember just to rock it!

Do celebrities even wear Converse low top sneakers? If so, how do they style them?

If you think that only designer items touch their skin, think again. On-cam or off cam, we can spot many celebrities wearing these great shoes. Here are some of the stars we have sighted:

  • Proving that she runs the world, Beyonce strutted her snakeskin-patterned pair with folded skinny jeans and fitted white shirt. 
  • Nikki Hilton shoes her classiness by pairing her low-top Converse shoes with a black shirt, skinny jeans, and a trench coat. 
  • Wiz Khalifa was spotted wearing his half-tied low tops. He matched it with a camo hoodie and skinny jeans.

Can I wear my Chuck Taylors for basketball?

Even though the Chuck Taylors was created for that specific sport and it has lived its glory. But with the current time when more research has been put on our shoes, we couldn’t recommend wearing these for playing hoops. 

Are Converse Low Top shoes great for different weather conditions?

It depends on the material, but no chameleon has been invented to be the most breathable during the summer and transition into being the warmest for winter. For the summer, it is splendid to wear something that has a breathable material like mesh and canvas. 

Converse nubuck low top sneakers are also another option to look at. Transitioning to the colder months, leather and wool can be your best friend. Converse also released items that would be of help during the rainy season. Just look for those with Gore-Tex technology, the Chuck 70 Gore-Tex Leather Low Top is an example of which. 

Is it worth it to buy limited-edition Cons?

Chuck Taylors are not precisely the sneaker that people would line up for like Air Jordans or Yeezy’s, but like other footwear brands, they offer exclusive products and collaborate with different companies. It depends on what you are buying them for, if you are a fan of the collaborator brand, then it is worth it. 

Are Converse and Chucks the same thing?

Technically, no. Converse is the brand of the shoe while Chucks is short for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the sneaker model.