Under Armour men's and women's size chart

Under Armour brings no surprises when it comes to the size and fit of its footwear. It is extensively praised for running true-to-size and being coherent with other major athletic brands.

But if it’s your first pair of UA shoes, we highly recommend measuring your foot length first. This step-by-step guide and the chart below will help you figure out your accurate size in Under Armour.

Tip: If you fall in between sizes, go with the larger one.

Under Armour men's and women's size chart

Shoe sizing in Under Armour vs. other brands

Under Armour chose a very clear-cut approach in its shoe sizing:

  • 5 mm between half sizes
  • 10 mm between full sizes

Based on the US sizing scheme, this makes UA consistent with other major American brands like New Balance, Reebok, Brooks, etc.

However, it’s not as simple with Nike and Adidas, as they use a different sizing scheme. Because of that, you will most likely need to go down from half to a full US size when getting a UA shoe.

Please note that the table below is based on the official brand size charts and sizes may differ depending on the footwear category (a football cleat may need a different size than a street shoe) and individual models.

Foot length (mm) Under Armour New Balance Nike Adidas
Men's US sizes
260 8 8 9 9
270 9 9 10 10
280 10 10 11 11
Women's US sizes
230 6 6 6.5 6.5
240 7 7 7.5 7.5
250 8 8 8.5 8.5

If you have a shoe from a brand that’s not mentioned in this section, go down to the conversion tool at the bottom. You can enter the brand and size that fit you well and get its equivalent in the Under Armour scheme.

The fit of various Under Armour shoes

Once you have an idea of which Under Armour size suits you best, it will also be helpful to check the size and fit recommendations of the specific shoe you’re getting.

Here are a few examples:

  • Stephen Curry’s signature basketball shoes are notorious for running slightly on the narrow side, so wide-footed players are often advised to go half a size up. In addition, some iterations also run short lengthwise, which also requires sizing up. Check the individual product pages to find out more.
  • In the gym shoe world, the famous Project Rock series is reported to run small, so going up at least half a size is recommended.
  • As for UA’s collection of casual trainers, these come in all shapes and sizes. Fit may vary depending on the design, material, and closure. So it is advisable to check the sizing advice presented on the product pages. Just follow the link and pick a shoe.
  • Similar to trainers, Under Armour running shoes may also vary in their fit and sizing, although not as much as fashion trainers. So, checking with product pages is also recommended.
  • Categories like football cleats and American football boots are expected to fit smaller than your accustomed street shoe size, not only in Under Armour. It can be from half a size to a full US size smaller.

Unisex sizing in Under Armour

Although there aren’t many unisex silhouettes in the Under Armour lineup, there are still a few. Women should keep in mind that the sizing is based on men’s sizes and thus go down 1.5 from their regular US size.

Example: women’s US 8 would be US 6.5 in Under Armour unisex.

Under Armour men's size chart
Under Armour women's size chart