Frye men's and women's size chart

Frye footwear comes in a variety of styles (sandals, trainers, boots) which has an impact on the fit and sizing of each model from the brand.

However, as a starting point, it is important to know your current foot length to find the right Frye size. This guide will help you measure your feet accurately.

Tip: In between sizes? Choose the nearest half size up.

Frye men's and women's size chart

Fitting a pair of Frye shoes

  • Try shoes later in the day, when your feet are at their fullest.
  • Walk indoors when you first try a new pair. That way you can still return/exchange it if needed.
  • Put on the same socks which you are planning to wear with your Frye pair.
  • Make sure your heel and midfoot are locked in securely but there is some wiggle room for the toes.

Frye vs. ECCO

Similar in design, these brands are not so similar in their sizes. ECCO is based on the EU sizing scheme which, when translated to US, can have its discrepancies.

Foot length (mm) Frye ECCO
Men's US sizes
260 9 8/8.5
270 10 10/10.5
280 11 11/11.5
Women's US sizes
230 7 5/5.5
240 8 7/7.5
250 9 8/8.5

If you have a shoe from another brand whose sizing you’d like to compare to Frye, use the calculator below:

Frye men's size chart
Frye women's size chart