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If you love the look of the Power Cushion 65 but desire more underfoot cushioning, then the updated Power Cushion 65 Z may be the perfect match for your needs. This update brings a re-engineered midsole technology that offers enhanced shock absorption and stability.

The upper has also been refreshed with the protective layers now covering a larger area for a better foot lockdown. On the other hand, the outsole both versions are made from rubber with a tread pattern that makes sure the foot won’t slip and slide on the court.

Traction. Covering the bottom of the Power Cushion 65 Z is a layer of rubber. This compound is sticky, which helps players move quickly without losing foot on smooth, indoor courts. The grip is amplified by the Hexagrip tread pattern. The six-sided studs can expand in any direction and support agile footwork.

Steadiness. This Yonex badminton shoe is equipped with the Round Sole.  This construction features an outsole that doesn’t have edges, allowing the foot to quickly transition between moves. It also helps the user to push off the floor using the inner side of the foot.

Cushioning. The Power Cushion 65 Z uses two layers of Power Cushion. The first is the original version which promises 3 times more shock absorption than regular urethane foam. It deflects impact, making it bouncy with each step. The second layer is the Power Cushion+. It was engineered by adding a special resin to the Power Cushion, amplifying its shock attenuation by 28% and repulsion by 62%, making it bouncier than the former iteration.

Padding. Inside the badminton trainer is the Synchro-Fit Insole. This removable insole reduces the space between the foot and shoe for improved comfort. It also makes the footwear fit better. Aside from that, it holds the foot in place and the elevated heel positions the foot in a way that it is always ready for action.

Stability. To reinforce the arch, there are two plates underneath it, the Power Graphite and the Power Graphite Light. These lightweight elements prevent excessive twisting, stabilizing the foot while transitioning.

Another stabilizing feature is the ToughBrid Light. This lightweight element is placed on the outer side of the midsole. It is a compound that can retain its form even when excess pressure is applied. It prevents the excessive outward rolling of the foot.

Comfort. A polyurethane (PU) leather makes up the exterior of the Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z. This material is designed to be durable and to deliver a reliable foothold. The inside of the trainer is covered with a soft fabric that prevents skin irritation and aids in moisture control. There are also mesh panels and ventilation pores on the upper that help in temperature regulation of the foot chamber.

Lockdown. For foot containment and steadiness, this Yonex badminton footwear employs the Lateral Shell. This material is more robust than leather to protect against abrasion. It also prevents the foot from sliding over the edge of the shoe. This feature ensures that the shoe fits closely to the foot for better movements.

Fit. The trainer also features the Toe Assist Shape. The forefoot is constructed to be spacious enough to reduce pressure on the big toe, but won’t cause slippage inside the footwear.

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