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The Yonex Power Cushion 65 X has a lot in common with its predecessor, the Power Cushion 65. They use the same material for the upper, complete with foot containment features that enhance stability. The midsole is crafted using a bouncy material for shock attenuation as well as some rigid elements that keep the foot steady. The outsole is made of a grippy compound that bites down on a smooth surface. What sets these two models apart is that the Power Cushion 65 X has been redesigned in the toe area for improved comfort and fit.

Traction. Don’t worry about slipping and sliding while wearing the Power Cushion 65 X. This Yonex badminton trainer uses a rubber outsole with a Hexagrip tread pattern that provides excellent traction on smooth floors. The six-sided studs can expand in any direction, allowing it to grip the surface.

Agility. The outsole of this badminton trainer is designed with a Round Sole. Unlike typical workout shoes with edges, the underside of this model is rounded. This construction helps the wearer push off using the inner side of the foot for quick movements.

Cushioning. This badminton trainer is named after the Power Cushion midsole technology. This compound is engineered to be bouncy. It attenuates shock by turning the force of impact into energy needed for a powerful take-off.

The Power Cushion 65 X also employs the Power Cushion+. The Power Cushion is reinvented with the addition of a special elastic resin. The result is a layer that has more bounce than the original version because it is 28% more shock absorbent and 62% more effective in repelling the force of impact.

Support. The lateral side of the midsole features the ToughBrid Light component. It hardens the outer side of the platform, preventing the foot from rolling outwards and affecting the balance of the wearer.

Badminton players are quick on their feet, which can sometimes lead to sliding inside their shoes. To prevent this, the trainer is equipped with the Yonex Synchro-Fit Insole. This removable element minimizes the gap between the foot and the shoe for a better fit and improved comfort. This component also elevates the heel to reduce tension on the Achilles tendon.

Comfort. The upper is built from polyurethane (PU) leather, which is said to be more durable than synthetic leather. This material is not breathable, but the tongue, collar, and some parts of the quarters have mesh on them. This fabric, along with the ventilation pores on the vamp, helps in cooling down the foot chamber.

Foothold. On the medial side of the upper is the Toe Guard III. This component is made to be tough against abrasion. It also prevents the foot from spilling over the edge of the cushioning. On the outer side of the shoe is the Lateral Shell that has the same functions as the Toe Guard III.

Fit. The upper features the Toe Assist Shape construction. It aims to reduce pressure on the big toe for enhanced comfort and fit. The tightness at the midfoot can be adjusted using the lace-up closure. The collar and tongue are both plush to help with the heel lockdown.

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