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The game of badminton can be fast-paced and intense. Players need a pair of Yonex badminton shoes that will enable them to keep up with its erratic nature. One model that comes to mind is the Power Cushion 65. The upper has reinforcements on various parts that contain the foot and promote steadiness. The underfoot cushioning is bouncy, which protects against impact. And as for the outsole, the material is grippy on smooth indoor surfaces.

Traction. The rubber outsole of the Power Cushion 65 can keep up with the fast and intense nature of the game. The compound is designed to be grippy on indoor floors. The traction provided by the sticky rubber is enhanced by the Hexagrip tread pattern. The polygon nubs allow the material to expand in any direction for maximum adherence.

Agility. Don’t be afraid to lose footing when you lunge, side-step, or take a step backward. The outsole of this badminton trainer features the Round Sole construction that eliminates the edges of the bottom layer. It allows the foot to smoothly transition from one step to the next, no matter the direction.

Cushioning. The Power Cushion 65 employs a bouncy midsole. The heel features three layers of Power Cushion while the forefoot has one. The cushioning technology is so effective in deflecting impact that when an egg is dropped at 7 meters above the Power Cushion, it can bounce back without any cracks.

The lateral side of the midsole features the ToughBrid Light. Like the original ToughBrid, this tightly packed material does not quickly lose its form. However, this version is 11% lighter than the previous version. The purpose of this element is to prevent the foot from excessively rolling outwards.

Steadiness. For stability, a lightweight graphite plate called Power Graphite Light is inserted under the arch area of the midsole. The purpose of this element is to reinforce the arch area without adding weight. It prevents excessive twisting during agile movements.

Inside the trainer is the Yonex Synchro-Fit insole. This removable component helps elevate the heel as well as preventing it from sliding out of place. The layer aims to improve the fit of the shoe while also aiding in shock absorption.

Foothold. Keeping the foot locked in place is the polyurethane (PU) leather. It is said to be stronger than ordinary synthetic leather. The material can withstand high heat, preventing it from overly stretching with regular use. 

There is a Lateral Shell placed on the outer side of the top. This element prevents the foot from spilling out of the footwear, which could affect response and transition. On the medial side, there is the Tough Guard III which is more abrasion-resistant than leather and also helps with foot containment.

Comfort. The tongue of the Power Cushion 65 is covered with the Double Russel Mesh. It is a fine mesh that weighs almost nothing but can withstand abrasion brought about by pulling of the shoestrings. This thin fabric is 8 times more breathable than typical mesh, thus offering a more effective moisture control.

Fit. The trainer is designed to fit snugly because of its Ergoshape and plush interior. But if the tightness at the midfoot needs to be relieved, the lacing structure can help with that.

If a better fit at the forefoot is desired, check out the Yonex Power Cushion 65 X. This trainer uses all the same technologies but has been redesigned with a Toe Assist Shape for enhanced fit and comfort.

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