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8 reasons to buy

  • The Xero Shoes Xcursion gets a lot of compliments for its wide toe box.
  • This minimalist boot has also received high marks for offering ankle support.
  • Lots of wearers find the shoes so comfortable to wear, even on rocky ground, muddy trails, and wet grass.
  • Customers like the sleek design of the shoe. Many say that it’s as light as a sneaker.
  • This waterproof boot from Xero Shoes has also gotten positive reviews for being very flexible.
  • A lot of those who purchased this zero-drop shoe agree that it’s suitable for activities on and off the trail.
  • Some buyers feel certain that these vegan outdoor boots will last for a long time.
  • Customers have given the Xero Shoes Xcursion plus points for having a good grip on ice.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few customers are not impressed by the boot’s waterproof construction. One hiker says some moisture seeped through the top of his boot during a heavy downpour.
  • It’s thicker than other minimalist shoes, according to some reviewers.

Bottom line

Designed to give you freedom and protection - the Xero Shoes Xcursion hiking boot packs a punch for being lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable. The roomy toe box, sleek design, reliable traction, and amazing ankle support have fascinated outdoor junkies and casual wearers alike. The trade-off? A thicker boot for the minimalist class.

And even though it’s mostly waterproof, it may not be the best choice for harsh weather conditions.

Tip: see the best hiking boots.

Good to know

-This boot is a high-top version of Xero Shoes’ best-selling hiking and running shoe, the TerraFlex. It’s designed to give wearers the grip and support they need to tackle the trail while still feeling “barefoot”. 

-Its key features include a waterproof membrane inside the outer mesh, a zero-drop heel, and a high-traction FeelTrue® rubber sole that is backed by their 5,000-mile sole warranty.

The Xero Shoes Xcursion is a minimalist hiking shoe for men and women. Its wide toe box gives the wearer more room to move his toes while the lightweight synthetic upper ensures a snug fit after a quick break-in period. The light-reflective webbings or straps on the upper lets you achieve a nice and comfortable fit around the instep, midfoot, and heel. Lastly, the lace-up closure creates a custom fit.

Considered a major advancement in the minimalist shoe industry, the FeelTrue® rubber sole, which is used in the Xcursion hiking boot, is thin but nevertheless highly durable and grippy. This unique outsole is designed by Xero Shoes and manufactured by Vibram - the world’s leading outsole brand. 

FeelTrue® rubber soles have a top surface that is comfy and grippy, and a dual-Chevron tread pattern that offers traction in all conditions. Meanwhile, the non-elevated zero-drop heel helps you maintain proper posture.

The Xcursion boots come with removable insoles that offer additional cushioning right where you need it. If you want to get more minimalist or create more space for your foot inside the shoes, you can simply take it out.

The shoe upper is constructed using very lightweight synthetic materials that are completely vegan. At just 340 grams per shoe for men’s size and 272 grams for women’s, it lets the wearer achieve a “barely there” experience.

Another interesting feature of Xero Shoes is the wide toe box which gives plenty of room for your toes to spread and move naturally. The double-protective toe cap shields your foot from sharp edges and accidental impact

The Xcursion shoe is lined with a waterproof membrane, plus another water-repellent membrane behind the mesh cover. The gusseted tongue keeps the debris and water out and the lace-up closure gives the foot a custom fit.

  • Minimalist shoes are intended to closely mimic the feel and experience of barefoot running or walking. It is believed to provide more effective propulsion and promote natural shock absorption.
  • The Xcursion is the first waterproof boot from Xero Shoes. It has all the other features of the TerraFlex.
  • If you prefer traditional hiking boots built for the toughest trails, consider boots from La Sportiva or Keen.


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