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5 reasons to buy

  • Level of comfort: Dozens of reviewers are stoked about the Xero Shoes Colorado’s excellent cushioning.
  • Lightness: It has a barely-there weight, according to droves of hikers.
  • Protectiveness: Many of those who have tested the sandal thoroughly love its super-protective upper, particularly the toe bumper.
  • Slip resistance: Based on several reports, the Colorado sticks to wet surfaces effortlessly.
  • Worn-in feel: Much like most Xero Shoes sandals, the Colorado requires very little break-in time, a few owners claim.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Access: Less than a handful of trail-goers find the sandal a bit too difficult to put on.
  • Durability: According to a tester, the edges of the Colorado’s upper fray too quickly.

Bottom line

Suit up with a pair of Xero Shoes Colorados and experience confidence with every step through shallow waters. That, or simply be mesmerized by how committed the sandal is in delivering day-one comfort and outstanding toe protection. Just be sure to snag it at the right size, and you are good to go!

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Xero Shoes Colorado: Intimacy with the earth

The Colorado is one of those hiking sandals that make you feel in control, empowering you with enhanced mobility both on and off the trail. It delivers a kind of hiking experience that makes you feel one with the ground you are traveling on. This sense of oneness is in full effect because of the following:

  • A minimalist outsole
  • A snug yet super-flexible upper
  • The sandal’s quick closure system
  • Vent holes that allow air to circulate with each stride
  • A plush footbed that prevents slippage underfoot

Care guide for the Xero Shoes Colorado

There are supposed to be just two things you do concerning your Colorado sandal—either you bust some trails in it or care for it. We know you got the former covered, but for the latter, heed the following:

  • Wash the Colorado by hand with some mild soap in warm water.
  • Air-dry it somewhere breezy yet shaded; do not use a machine dryer
  • If you plan not to use it for a long time, keep it somewhere moisture-free and away from direct sunlight.


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