Win New Shoes Every Month

Every single month, you have a chance to win a pair of running shoes or sneakers. Note - we just re-started this competition in February 2018. So far we have had +20 winners.

Previous winners


  • September: Jones Adams
  • August: Nina (did not want to disclose last name)
  • July 1st: Sarah Sjöstrand
  • May 1st: Jones Anderson
  • April 1st: April Brown
  • March 1st: Blanche Lowell




  • May 1st: Anabella Bartlett
  • April 1st: Sara Baker
  • March 1st: Leonardo Peres
  • February 1st: Nikifor Romanovich Markov
  • February 1st: Flávio Cardoso
  • January 1st: Eeli Niemelä



  • December 1st: Kemen Razon
  • November 3rd: Bhima Mahajan
  • October 27th: Nithikorn Sudham
  • October 20th: Maximilain Weidhöfer
  • October 13th: Bernetta Marino
  • October 6th: Giovannetta Michael
  • September 29th: Irene Balton
  • September 22nd: Hammilton Smith
  • September 15th: Joshua Ward
  • September 8th: Gloria Scott
  • September 1st: Peter Richardson
  • August 25th: Teresa Washington
  • August 18th: Terry Martin
  • August 11th: Ernest Perez
  • August 4th: Tammy Hernandez


How often is there a winner?

Every 1st day of the month, each month.


How will I be notified if I win?

By email. In addition, all previous winners are listed at this page.


What selection of shoes can I choose between?

Any shoes at on RunRepeat


What countries are you able to ship to?

Any country in the world.


How is the winner found?

We use to find a random winner


If I win this week, will I then be able to win next week too?



What information will be shared publicly about me if I win?

Your full name will be listed on this page. Nothing else.


What will my email be used for?

You sign up for our rarely used newsletter + you will get notifications if your shoe suddenly drops in price.


How can I unsubscribe?

In every email we send, you can click an unsubscribe link. Click it, and you are out. Alternatively, you can email me (Jens - and I will sign you off.


Will you sell my email to others?

No, that will never happen.


How can I increase my chances of winning?

When you sign up you get a unique link that you can share with friends on facebook, twitter, email etc. For every unique friend/person who clicks your link, you get another 5 chances to win, each month. If for example, 20 friends click your link, you get 100 chances of winning instead of just 1. It’s not necessary to share your link to win, but you will increase your chances of winning dramatically.