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Vittoria Velar: 2018's Design and innovations award winner 

Vittoria Velar is revered as an aesthetically and technically exceptional road cycling shoe. In fact, it has been bestowed as the winner for Design and innovations award in 2018. This award is the benchmark achievement for all things bicycle. Products that win it are considered the best of the best.

What makes the Velar an excellent shoe?

  • 100% made in Italy. In the cycling world, bike shoes entirely made in Italy are renowned for having superior quality in construction and materials. The Vittoria Velar shoe is one of them. Moreover, this shoe is entirely handmade, ensuring top-rate quality.
  • New sole 25% lighter than traditional ones. The Velar's FCT sole is one of the lightest in the market while maintaining the necessary stiffness for power transfer.
  • Heat-moldable insoles. The brand's Performance insoles are designed to provide customized arch support by baking it in the oven.
  • Stylish. Although style is subjective, the Velar's matte metallic look is unique and appealing.

Who is it for? Given the shoe's attributes, it is recommended to the following groups of cyclists:

  • Professional and season cyclists
  • Bikers looking for high performance yet stays comfortable during long rides
  • Individuals who want to surpass their personal best

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