Our verdict


No matter the event, the Zinah from Vionic will provide everyday support for those who suffer from various foot conditions, making their daily ride extremely comfortable. Those who have severe foot conditions can also use this shoe since it has a removable insole, which will allow them to use your custom orthotics.


  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Great for extended wears
  • Helps with plantar fasciitis and Achilles problems
  • Orthotic-friendly
  • Great arch support
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Can be dressed up and down effortlessly


  • Can’t take beatings
  • Not for wide feet

Who should buy Vionic Zinah

The Vionic Zinah will suit you if you:

  • want a Vionic walking shoe that can support various foot conditions or is orthotic-friendly
  • are looking for slip-on footwear that can be worn in casual and dressy events 

Vionic Zinah label

Who should NOT buy Vionic Zinah

If you need a slip-on silhouette that is wide-foot-friendly, have a look at the Cole Haan Grand Ambition. It is available in Wide.

Vionic Zinah back profile

The Vionic Zinah delivers a pain-free walking experience

Those with plantar fasciitis, Achilles problems, and other foot issues said the Vionic Zinah has been a “tremendous help.” This is “another winner” when it comes to providing support and is considered "one of the best orthopedic shoes out there."

Vionic Zinah midsole

While this walking shoe from Vionic has built-in arch support, those who still need more can take off the removable insole and replace it with their custom orthotics. The support and comfort that this walking shoe delivers is "worth every penny."

Comfortable since day one

A lot of wearers attested that the Zinah from Vionic is so comfortable out of the box. Those who like footwear that does not require break-in periods will enjoy this model. 

Even when they’re on foot for a long time, their feet “did not protest,” allowing them to wear this sneaker for hours with no issues. Many also find this walking shoe comfortable to walk long distances and perfect for "walking around cobblestone streets and climbing stone steps to castles.”

Vionic Zinah upper

With the comfort and support that the Vionic Zinah delivers, this walking shoe is considered “the perfect everyday shoe.”

A walking shoe for any event

The Vionic Zinah is a versatile model that will let wearers easily dress up and down. 

Vionic Zinah side profile

According to the reviewers, this shoe is perfect for both casual wear and a little dressier work outfit. Some even commented that this shoe has a “tasteful rich color” and is "very rich looking."

Comfort without durability

Several users find that this Vionic shoe is the “most comfortable shoe ever, but it does not last.” Some of the issues found after wearing this walking shoe are the following:

  • the sole is coming apart
  • stitchings are unraveling
  • the rubber on the toes starts to pull away from the material at the toe part
  • wrinkles easily
  • the leather stains easily

Vionic Zinah outsole

Elastic on top but tight on the toe part

It can be "too tight across the top" of the foot, but with the elastic gore strap, the shoe can stretch a little. However, the discomfort on the toe part is what’s stopping people with wide feet from wearing this since there’s only a little space for the toes, resulting in continuous rubbing on the big toe.

Vionic Zinah toe part