Who should buy the Vionic Lenora

The Vionic Lenora is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for a walking shoe that possesses not only functionality but style as well.
  • A shoe with the ability to relieve discomfort is what you prefer.
  • You are after a shoe that would not weigh your feet down during your walking activities. 

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Who should not buy the Vionic Lenora

The Vionic Lenora might not be for people who are always in a hurry as it would take time for them to secure a lockdown fit with the shoe. A couple of wearers gripe about the fact that the top-most eyelets don't have metal reinforcements, making lace tightening a bit difficult. Also, folks who wish to have uninterrupted walking sessions might not get what they need from this shoe. Some owners mentioned that when the insoles of the Vionic Lenora are installed, the heel becomes too low, which causes heel slippage and then blisters. They are better off with the Vionic Rechelle.

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Gorgeous and eye-catching

Almost everyone who bought the Vionic Lenor finds it appealing. Its athletic-inspired silhouette caught the eyes of many walking shoe enthusiasts. Moreover, its "cute" design draws the admiration of the crowd. 

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The sustained comfort of Vionic Lenora

Based on numerous reports, this walking shoe rated high in the comfort department. Wearers who spend all day on their feet could not help but appreciate that comfiness that the Vionic Lenora provides, thanks to its built-in orthotic insoles. The level of comfort that the shoe delivers could be a game-changer for wearers who wish to save their feet, legs, and back as they stand several hours on concrete floors every day. 

Vionic Lenora Insole1

Say goodbye to pain

The Lenora provides excellent support and, in turn, alleviates pain, according to many users. Wearers with plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammertoes found relief and also the kind of support they need in Vionic Lenora. 

Vionic Lenora Support1

An easy and pleasant ride

Some wearers claimed that the Vionic Lenora feels lighter than expected. People can expect that the shoe would not tire their feet with its weight and therefore could enjoy an easy and pleasant walking experience wearing it. 

Vionic Lenora Light1

Fans and many pairs

Some individuals like the overall comfort and design of the shoe so much that they bought numerous pairs. They reasoned that getting another pair gives them the assurance that in the event Vionic stopped producing this model, they still can enjoy the comfiness and beauty of this shoe. 

Vionic Lenora Repeat1

Still easy to put on

While the Vionic Lenora sports a lace-up closure and not a slip-on design, it still offers a quick-to-put-on experience to its wearers. 

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 7.9oz
Arch support: Stability
Use: For standing all day, City
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Mesh
Features: Orthotic friendly / Lightweight / Removable insole
Condition: Plantar fasciitis

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