Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Weight: Men: 4.1oz | Women: 3.5oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 0mm | Women: 0mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Material: Vegan
Features: Slip-on
Strike Pattern: Forefoot strike
Distance: Competition
Heel height: Men: 4mm | Women: 3mm
Forefoot height: Men: 4mm | Women: 3mm
Brand: Vibram FiveFingers
Type: Low drop | Zero drop | Minimalist | Barefoot
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $90
Colorways: Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Blue
Small True to size Large
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85 / 100 based on 14 expert reviews

  • 82 / 100 | James Smith

    KSO EVO first impressions & quick run review

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    So after getting back into running after several years of nothingness I just went for some "whatever" running shoes. I didn't really think too much about it. Went through one pair and then bought another different pair of "whatever".

    However after about 300 miles in them, I started to ramp up my training ready for a marathon I was planning on doing in October this year, and boom! Shin splints... I tried to run through them and it has resulted in me needing to get an x-ray on my leg for a suspected stress fracture... Bad times!

    (Worth pointing out that it was definitely a combination of too much too quickly, poor form and, I think, bad shoe choice that caused my injury.)

    I've taken this 'opportunity' to take a look at my running. I decided that I need to sort my form out and following a lot of research I've decided to try out barefoot-style running.

    I'll need to start slowly anyway because of my injury so it's the perfect time to start a transition to barefoot running.

    Enter the Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO... Excuse the pumpkin, I couldn't help myself!



    These things look crazy! But in some slightly insane way, I also think they look really cool, especially once they're on your feet!

    Everything about these shoes feels as though it was well thought out.

    You get a real sense that the guys at Vibram really wanted to create something great for feet everywhere. They are so light that you could almost forget you have anything on your feet when wearing them. They're very comfortable and are meant to last for miles upon miles.


    They really do fit like gloves for my feet.

    The padded tongue adds a lot towards comfort in these shoes which is surprising considering how slight it is.

    The quick lace-up system is genius, probably my favourite feature of the shoes because it makes life so much easier as well as adding a lot of security.

    The amazingly comfortable fabric that encases your feet when you have these on and the fantastic sole come in close behind the laces.



    I already know I'm going to get more grip out of these shoes than from my old conventional trainers. They stick like glue to my wooden flooring at home at least. Everyone knows that Vibram makes brilliant soles for shoes but these uber thin ones are incredible.

    They really have hit the mark with the design here. It's responsive and flexible but feels like it'll offer enough grip and protection for all of the road and light trail running that I do.


    The insole (the one that's barely there...) somehow feels more comfortable than my old running shoes even though it's mega thin! I guess that must come down to its quality.

    It feels soft, firm and supportive all at the same time somehow. Time will tell how well this will last but so far so good.



    Putting these shoes on for the first time feels a bit odd but I'm already getting more used to it. With the lacing system tightened, my feet feel snug in them.

    It almost feels like I could just run and climb a tree without even worrying about it. I keep finding myself wanting to jump around randomly because they feel so good.

    First impressions wise I really like these shoes. They feel very well made and I'm excited to take them for a proper spin. I couldn't resist for long!


    After wearing the Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO all day long, they got more and more comfortable. They were just moulding to my feet perfectly.

    The feeling is actually really hard to describe.

    By the end of the day, it felt as though they had been sprayed on to my feet! So I just went for it, a quick 2 mile run around the block. Really easy of course! (Slow and steady post injury and beginning barefoot running).

    You can really feel the ground through the soles of these shoes, especially the rough bits. It's going to take some getting used to, especially where I run primarily on pavements and hard trails.

    Having said that there was something sort of thrilling about it too. The feeling of the ground and the control you have over your body with these on is something else.



    The grip was very good. It didn't get tested to any extremes so I cannot say how it'll do over time but so far it feels better than my last pair of conventional trainers.

    I think it's not even just the sole that helps in this area though.

    As I mentioned before the extra control you have in these shoes is amazing and I think that definitely helps when it comes to grip. You're able to easily make adjustments as you run to maximize traction.

    My running form changed pretty much immediately after setting off for my run as well. A combination of these shoes and being very conscious of my leg I'm sure, but it felt so much easier on the rest of my body.

    My feet are aching but my shin is not and that is something I've not felt for some time now. You're forced to run on your forefoot in these shoes and that, in turn, increases your step count, or at least that's what happened to me. Both of these things are ideal for form and reducing injury too which is great news!

    Here's an image of the shoes post run. They still look brand new! Just brilliant!


    Bottom Line

    I am so happy with these shoes, I can't even take them off now!

    I would recommend them to anyone who's having shin splint or stress fractures woes! You won't regret it!

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  • 85 / 100 | Sebastian Tota

    The Vibram KSO EVO

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    Before you read any further I think it is important to mention that the Vibram KSO Evos were the second minimalist shoes I have ever trained in and the first ones I have used for an extensive period of time.

    Transitioning from training in fully cushioned shoes, I decided to take the transition to the Vibram KSO Evos slowly. I began by doing most of my warmups, cooldowns, and gym training sessions in the FiveFingers. Half mile cold downs turned into one mile runs, one mile runs into two, and before I knew it, I was running four and five-mile runs in what felt like no shoes.

    Personally, for my running type, four-mile runs are where I would stop it with these shoes. At the four mile mark, my feet began to get sore and I consider wearing fully cushioned shoes again.


    No matter what color you decide to go with, there is no question that these shoes stand out.

    The red and black design that I have pop like no other shoe. Trust me when I say you will have people asking what you are wearing on your feet.



    Of course, looks are suggestive, but I personally wasn't fond of the design. Admittedly certain color options do look better than others. My personal favorite color is the all black because it doesn't stand out as much.

    Upper & breathability

    After running about 60 miles and putting in over 20 hours with these shoes in the gym, I was disappointed with how much they made my feet sweat. Short runs and workouts were fine, but my feet naturally run hot and I made the decision to not wear any socks with these shoes. That was a bad idea.



    Even with the very noticeable breathable looking upper mesh, these shoes would quickly collect all the sweat from my feet and stink up pretty badly. I found that rinsing them off after gym workouts and washing them at least once a week did help with the smell, but I worry how they will hold up after being constantly washed.

    My personal recommendation would be to wear socks, and on extremely hot days rinse the shoes with cold water before you go on a run. The cold water doesn't last long, but it helps.

    Fit & comfort

    This has to be my favorite part of these shoes. Putting the shoes on is incredibly easy, once you master to move your pinky toe into the correct slot in the shoe.



    Then there is the weight, or should I say the lack thereof. I’ve always been a sucker for lightweight shoes, but this was a whole nother level. It’s not a feeling you can describe. It’s something you have to try to believe.

    They are quick to lace up with a simple pull tab, which never gave me any issues with coming loose. There is a little velcro tab that keeps the laces out of the way but doesn’t work very well. Even though the laces tend to come off the velcro, they still actually never loosened up around my feet.

    The shoes were surprisingly comfortable knowing how little protection and padding there was between my foot and the ground.

    As stated above, the longest run I used these on was 5 miles, but my personal sweet spot for these was 3-4 miles. There are some people who can run a marathon in these shoes, but that is simply not for me.


    Outsole & durability

    The outsole of the shoe held up really well. The sole didn’t wear evenly for me and I can tell some parts of the shoe will go bald before the rest. For how light the shoe is, and how thin the sole is, I am very pleased with how well they have held up.



    The upper mesh of the shoe also held up very well. Even after a few deep washes of mud and grime the upper looks like new. There are even extra rubber parts on the tips of the toes to prevent the toe inserts from getting easily beat up and ripped.

    Weight training

    I decided to wear the KSO Evo while doing weight training in the winter season. On a few occasions, I accidentally stubbed a toe while box jumping, racking weights, and once dropping a medicine ball that bounced off the floor and onto my foot.

    If I were wearing normal trainers I probably wouldn't even know I hit my foot, but the agonizing pain I felt on a few occasion in these really made me paranoid about wearing these to the gym again.



    Clumsiness aside, if you want to use these for weight training they are awesome!

    The connection you feel with the ground when squatting or deadlifting give you more control and confidence when compared to most trainers. They are low to the ground and have a minimal heel to toe drop giving you much more stability.


    I always judge a shoe by one question: Would I buy this shoe again?

    While most times the answer is a firm yes or no, these shoes are a bit more complex than that. I enjoyed running in them, but not as much as my normal trainers. I enjoyed walking around in them, but the looks threw me off. I enjoyed training in them, but my feet often became sweaty after a while.

    If I could only buy one pair of shoes it would not be these. If I was looking for a second or third shoe that I could use on certain days at the gym, and have some really enjoyable short trial runs then yes, I would absolutely consider these.

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  • 92 / 100 | Kalclash Fitness | | Level 1 expert

    Brilliant ground perception, brilliant tread, lightweight, super flexible.

  • 87 / 100 | Plant Sugar | Level 1 expert

    These have great grip, don't smell as bad as sole runners, easy to clean and pretty durable.

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  • The Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO is an all-encompassing pair of shoes that are actually shaped like actual feet. Each toe even gets to be wrapped entirely by its fabrics and systems. Made from durable components, this running shoe ensures the comfort and safety of its wearer, keeping the performance as lightweight and natural as possible without sacrificing quality protection and efficacy.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe uses durable polyester to ensure that it stays intact, even after many uses. It is not stiff in form, so it allows the foot to be as flexible as it is able. The inner lining features a soft mesh that’s not irritating to the skin. A speed lacing system permits fast adjustment to the fit, therefore keeping the coverage easy to manipulate.
  • The Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO utilizes individual toe slots, which change its façade to actually look like the shape of the human foot. The purposes of this design is to enhance the natural dexterity and versatility of the foot’s movements, enabling the toes to splay naturally and let the shoe adapt to the runner’s own biomechanics.
  • The sole unit uses 2mm EVA, which isn’t much compared to the usual thickness of running shoes’ mid-soles, but it’s meant to be that way because it aims to deliver a barefoot-like running experience on all types of terrain.
  • The outsole uses a high quality compound that is created to withstand abrasion or wear. It is able to hold onto a variety of surfaces with ease, making sure that the running experience of its wearer isn’t limited or restricted to just flat surfaces. It can even handle trail adventures.

The Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO is true to its size. The sizing scheme that is used for this model follows the regular measurements when it comes to length. Its width is medium, so it allows those with medium sized feet to acclimate well to it when wearing it. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural curvature of the human foot.

The Vibram XS Trek is a rubber material that is of high quality make. The durability of this section is reliable; it doesn’t easily wear off or lose its efficacy, even after many uses. Traction over the surfaces is very much afforded to the runner. This outsole material is also utilized in some Vibram FiveFingers running shoes.

The platform of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO is very flexible. It allows the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle, making sure that the focus is given to the preference of the wearer, in terms of performance.

A 2mm Ethylene vinyl acetate foam is used as the underfoot cushioning system of this foot-shaped shoe. It is comfortable and it provides mild comfort that’ll make each ground contact easier and smoother.

The Drilex® nylon covers the EVA foam. It features anti-microbial and anti-moisture capabilities, thus keeping the interior as clean and healthy as possible for the foot.

Durable polyester makes up the main upper fabric of the FiveFingers KSO EVO. It covers the foot well, hugging it snugly and securely. It even allows air to enter the shoe in order keep the foot cool and dry.

The lining has polyester mesh, which is soft and smooth. The runner can even wear this without socks, as it doesn’t make the coverage feel irritating.

A speed lacing system makes it easier for runners to adjust the fit. Only one tug from the laces and the shoe will be able to feel adequately tight or loose. No knots are needed for this.