Veja Esplar: A step towards the green generation

Veja is known as a brand with great purpose. It has consistently offered sustainable products as their entry to the green age of the fashion genre. This eco-friendly, planet-worshipping label promotes the use of wild rubber, organic cotton, upcycled used bottles, and veg-tanned leather. 

As an entry to their impressive line-up, this French footwear brand drops another pair, popularly known as Veja Esplar. The Veja Esplar is named after the Brazilian NGO, with which the brand has been working closely since 2005. Both Veja and ESPLAR support the use of organic family farming to help reduce pollution. 

Ozone safe features of Esplar:

Just like its siblings, this made-in-Brazil sneaker is constructed with several eco-friendly elements:

  • Its cotton laces are made with 100% organic material.
  • The leather used on this model was sourced from a group that promotes sustainable practices. 
  • Inside is a 100% recycled polyester lining, which delivers comfort, flexibility, and resistance to friction. 
  • The insole is also composed of various eco-friendly elements, such as organic cotton, sugar cane, Amazonian rubber, and recycled EVA.  
  • Underfoot, it has a vulcanized outsole made from rice water, Amazon rubber, and recycled rubber.


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