Our verdict

Be fashionably guilt-free with the Veja Esplar sneaker. Made with environment-friendly materials, this elegant model from Veja not only provides us with a clean-lined style but also leaves less carbon footprint. It is another entry of the brand into fashion's green age without sacrificing overall comfort and quality. And if its classiness doesn't win you over, its justifiable asking price just might.


  • Mighty comfy for extended wear
  • Eco-friendly
  • Premium quality
  • Simply versatile
  • Reasonable asking price
  • Runs true to size
  • Just as awesome IRL as in photos


  • With break-in
  • Not for skinny feet

Who should buy the Veja Esplar

The Esplar wears design simplicity on its posh sleeve. Have this on your shopping list if:

  • You're a greener Earth advocate looking for a no-frills go-to sneaker.
  • You want a pair that you can wear on various occasions, including dress-down Fridays.
  • Shoes that both look and feel special (minus the hefty price) are what you desire.

Veja Esplar buy

Who should not buy it

If you want something that comes without break-in issues, try the New Balance 480. Also, check out the Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II instead if you need a pair with a more focused fit.

Veja Esplar no

Super-plush for long days

We love how cozy the Veja Esplar is even when we wear it all day. 

Veja Esplar comf

But its comfy fit is gated

We advise you to wear this shoe a few times first, though, to loosen up its fit completely.

Veja Esplar break

Tongue that digs

We felt that the shoe's tongue was rigid. Fortunately, this rigidness went away after we broke into the Esplar.

Veja Esplar tounge

Veja Elspar: For a cleaner Mother Earth

Just like its fellow sustainable models, we discovered that the French footwear brand used recycled and organic elements in this model.

Veja Esplar eco

Can rock various looks

It has neutral hues and a straightforward style that made us look great with any outfit.

Consistent sizing

When it comes to sizing, we can attest that it is true to size.

Won't mislead you

This is among the sneakers that look as fantastic in real life as they are in online images.

The Elspar's made-with-love engineering

We confirmed that Elspar is a well-made sneaker from top to bottom, consistent with Veja’s high standards.

Forget about the price tag

With its clean looks and all-day comfiness, we found Elspar's 120-ish-dollar asking price pretty justifiable.

A tad too roomy

We would like to remind buyers with skinny feet that this pair’s fit is broader than expected. It is best to try this on in the actual.

The Veja Esplar's ozone-safe features

Just like its siblings, this made-in-Brazil sneaker is built with a number of eco-friendly parts. Take a look at the following:

  • Its cotton laces are made with 100% organic material.
  • The leather used in this model was sourced from a group that promotes sustainable practices. 
  • Inside it is a 100% recycled polyester lining, which delivers comfort, flexibility, and resistance to friction. 
  • The sole unit is also composed of various eco-friendly elements, such as organic cotton, sugar cane, Amazonian rubber, and recycled EVA.  
  • Underfoot, it has a vulcanized outsole made from rice water, Amazonian rubber, and recycled rubber.