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11 reasons to buy

  • Lots of users acclaimed that the Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2 is comfortable right out of the box.
  • This sneaker is well-liked as it embraces the feet comfortably as highlighted by many reviewers.
  • One purchaser mentioned that heel to toe transition using this shoe is almost like walking on a pillow.
  • Its slim appearance is one of its desirable features, underscored by some buyers.
  • Its Ultracush HD feature is adored by many. Some even claimed that it is one of the most supportive insoles they have tried.
  • A BMX rider who has been using this sneaker heavily was delighted that its bottom does not rip off easily.
  • An extravagantly stylish kick that received lots of attention from lady consumers.
  • Many testified that this Chima Pro 2 variety is well-constructed and durable.
  • This perfectly sized sneaker provided stability and support, stated by plenty of wearers.
  • This Chima Ferguson sneaker was adored by lots of skaters as it does not require a break-in time.
  • This comfortable and supportive sneaker is well worth the money, remarked by a significant sum of reviewers.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The heel area slips a little, according to few buyers.
  • The toe box appears to be quite cramped, according to some buyers with wide feet.
  • Less than a handful of wearers attested that in barely three months, the bottom section and Duracap started to peel away.
  • One purchaser commented that it felt like a clown shoe as it tends to be quite long.

Bottom line

Straight-from-the-box, the Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2 delivers plush comfort brought by the Ultracush insole and adequately padded collar. These features allow consumers to breeze through the streets without foot discomforts.

Although a number of wearers noticed some structural imperfections, many praised this signature skate shoe of Aussie’s skate pro Chima Ferguson for its supportive features and affordability.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collaboration: Spitfire
Collection: Vans Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $75
Colorways: Pink
Small True to size Large
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The Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2 unisex low-top sneaker is considered a streetwear essential that offers a true-to-size fit.  The sizes available for men consumers are from 6 to 13 US, while the proportions for women are from 5 to 14.5 US. Its footbed offers a snug fit whereas its lace-up closure provides a customized locked down feel. The Pro Vulc Lite Construction keeps the weight of this shoe down and at the same time grants a closer to the board experience, which is a desirable asset for skateboarders.

Featuring a stylish, velvety upper with a modified insole, the ultra-hip Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2 low-top sneaker is suitable for skateboarding and everyday urban wear. Outfitted with a pastel Spitfire pink suede and reinforced by a Duracap underlay, this sneaker keeps the feet protected as skaters use this for cruising, flipping, kicking, and flying with their boards. Its toned down style weds suitably well with light-colored denim, khakis, cargos, also fashionable. Its slim look works fittingly with bottoms that taper at the hem.

Chima Ferguson’s signature sneaker branded as the Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro is loaded with tech features that make it advantageous for street skating. This sneaker is extra comfortable, responsive, and well protected with its UltraCush Lite 3D sockliner. The high-wear areas of the upper are reinforced by a Duracap element or rubber underlays which offers durability. Underfoot, the original waffle outsole tread pattern grants stability and superb grip, while its Pro Vulc Lite sole construction delivers excellent board feel and flexibility.

Two of the instantly recognized labels that share the same passion for skateboarding, Vans and Spitfire Wheels, partnered as far back as 2010 in generating a couple of attractive and ageless footwear designs using basic color palettes.

The first offsprings of this collaborative work are the Vans Chukka Low and Spitfire x Vans Era Pro. The former sported a striking deep red colorway while the later came in a neutral grey tone contrasted by a catchy crimson inner lining.

Seven years later, in 2017, this iconic skate wear duo launched another sneaker capsule, which included reinterpretations of the Vans Ultrarange Pro, Vans Slip-On Pro, and Vans Style 112 Pro. These Vans x Spitfire pack, supported by Vans team riders John Cardiel and Dan Van Der Lin, integrated classic designs and current skate technologies to deliver better performance.

In the Spring of 2018, Vans and Spitfire rekindled the flame and united once again to introduce another range of sneakers. This most recent collection features an exclusive pair of skate shoe that pays tribute to Sydney’s exceptional skater Chima Ferguson. Named as the Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2, this second wave of Chima’s signature pro footwear is built with elements fit for skateboarding, from a supportive and sticky rubber sole to its well-fortified canvas and suede upper.

The first signature sneaker of Chima by Vans was unleashed in 2013 which reflected his demanding and daring style of skating. Branded as the Chima Pro, the initial release has an Ultracush cushioning, a thin, responsive inner sole, and enhanced toecap for long-lasting wear. This model was succeeded by a second salvo called the Chima Pro 2 which was dropped in 2018.

  • Vans textured Sidestripe is designed with ridges that mimic Spitfire’s hypnotic swirl graphics.
  • Its leather heel cap displays a debossed “Burn Forever” inscription.
  • The Vans x Spitfire Chima Pro 2 in pink and Kyler Walker Pro in blue were released as part of the 2018 collaborative collection of these iconic skate brands.


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