We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable out of the box was how many reviewers found the shoe. Some individuals even exclaimed that it was the most comfortable Vans sneaker ever.
  • A lot of testers would highly recommend the Vans x Peanuts Half Cab.
  • Nice and cool was how most users described the shoes’ style. Many more liked the fact that the sneaker had a classic Vans look; fans of Peanuts loved the design.
  • Several purchasers liked the Vans x Peanuts Half Cab so much that they would want to repurchase it.
  • It’s a great all-around shoe, said quite a lot of buyers. They used it for biking, skating, walking, and daily wear.
  • More than a handful of wearers mentioned that the sole had an excellent grip.
  • A few reviewers enjoyed the good ankle protection that the Vans x Peanuts Half Cab afforded. A couple more added that the kicks had just enough protection without being overbuilt.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few users complained that the shoe felt hot. It was not that breathable especially in warm weather, so it may quickly start to develop an unpleasant whiff.
  • The quality of the Vans x Peanuts Half Cab is not as good, according to a lot of purchasers. The shoe started falling out after a short while.
  • Some wearers grumbled that they needed better support for the feet than what the shoe gave.
  • The Off The Wall logo on the heel tab wears out fast, according to a couple of buyers.
  • The Vans x Peanuts Half Cab fits smaller than advertised, revealed several reviewers. They recommended that others should get a half size larger.

Bottom line

As an iconic shoe, the Vans Half Cab has been redesigned again and again. This time, Vans collaborates with a legendary comic strip series to bring well-loved characters to life across the model’s canvas. The result is the Vans x Peanuts Half Cab shoe.

As a well-balanced model, the sneaker delivers comfort and ankle protection. Right out of the box, buyers can wear the shoe and enjoy its secure and comfy feel. It comes at a budget-friendly price. However, the model has been criticized for not being breathable and durable.


Top: Mid
Inspired from: Skate
Collaboration: Peanuts
Collection: Vans x Peanuts
Price: $80
Colorways: Grey
Small True to size Large
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Unisex sizing is available for the mid-top Peanuts Half Cab, ranging from 6.5 men's/8.0 women's up to 13.0 men's/14.5 women's in US sizes. The shoe is offered in medium width and fits true to size. However, several purchasers went with a half size larger as they found that the shoe ran somewhat small. With a suede and canvas upper, this edition provides excellent foot support. Its mid-top collar protects and supports the ankle without too much restriction, allowing the wearer to move freely.

With its head-turning design, the mid-top Vans x Peanuts Half Cab is sure to be a great addition to any sneaker lover’s collection. It’s a style must-have that can be paired with any casual outfit for a spirited vibe. It has a smooth monochromatic look that makes it great for mixing and matching, especially with jeans and a shirt.

Pumping up one’s style gets easier with a pair of this collaborative Half Cab edition. It has a laidback, vintage appeal that’s a great conversation starter. The playful comic design can be emphasized with simple casual clothes, such as shorts, skirts or plain dresses. It’s a suitable look for traveling, walking around, or any other relaxing occasion and can be worn as seasonal footwear, especially during the warmer months.    

It's another exciting collaboration yet again for Vans, this time to reinvent the iconic Half Cab shoe with Peanuts. With unforgettable characters from the comic strip, the model is reinvented with a modern, playful twist on the canvas. The result is a unique-looking shoe that will undoubtedly elicit conversation and compliments. With a vintage appeal, the kicks feature Snoopy and his family members across all of the canvas panels.

Half Cab labels are on the side and on the tongue, which also features Snoopy’s brother, Spike, wearing a checkerboard hat. Peanuts creator Charles M. Shulz’s signature is seen on the shoe’s insole. Meanwhile, Vans branding is limited to the heel tab. Half Cab original details are retained, including the distinct silhouette and the padded collar and tongue.

Vans was founded in 1966 by the brothers Steve and James Van Doren, together with their business partners. Since then, the brand has grown to embody the Californian lifestyle, maintaining an image of versatility by offering many styles for different age groups. Several timeless models have come out of the brand’s catalog. The Era, Authentic, SK8-Hi, and Old Skool live on as iconic shoes that are worn not only by skaters but by anyone who wants to look cool out on the streets.

Another model that has come to define the brand when it comes to a fresh creative approach is the Half Cab, born out of a collaboration with skating legend Steve Caballero. It was his second shoe with the brand, released three years after his signature Vans Caballero sneaker. He had noticed that skaters had been cutting their Caballero shoes and taping them down, which enabled them to perform more flip tricks that required flexibility.

He and Vans decided to make an official version mimicking the trend. It was released in 1992 and named the Half Cab, with the high-top Caballero becoming a mid-top. It also featured a sloped upper for stable, thick support. The shoe was distinct and highly recognizable because of its look and feel, earning a reputation as one of the most legendary skate shoes of all time. It also became a symbol for the way pro street skaters redefined the sport using their own style.

Throughout the years, many designs have been added to the Vans Cab series, proving the model’s continued popularity and relevance in not just skateboarding but in mainstream fashion as well. One memorable collaborative version is the Peanuts Half Cab.

The model is part of the Vans x Peanuts collaboration and was made for the 25th anniversary of the shoe. Iconic characters from Charles M. Shulz’s immortal comic strip, such as Snoopy, adorn the shoe. It’s a must-have for Peanuts lovers and Vans fans alike.

  • Double stitching was done on the upper’s canvas to provide durability, along with overlays for added support.
  • Rock-solid resilience is ensured with the sneaker’s vulcanized construction.
  • The shoe’s midsole is made to be sturdy while the insole contains cushioning for comfort. 
  • Maintaining the shoe's grip is the gum rubber outsole with the signature Vans waffle pattern.