We spent 8.9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

5 reasons to buy

  • The design and the unique fabric pattern were the best-complimented features of Vans Woven Check Authentic sneakers. 
  • A few delighted purchasers detailed how often they received compliments from strangers and friends when wearing these cool low-top shoes.
  • A couple of people stated that the sneakers are comfortable once broken in. 
  • The sizing is the same as other Vans shoes, according to a handful of users.
  • When it comes to style, these shoes are pretty versatile. They’re easy to wear because they go with everything, noted several testers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few users reported that Vans Woven Check Authentic shoes need breaking in which can be quite painful.
  • The woven part at the back of the heels are a little stiff and can rub against the back of the ankles.

Bottom line

Vans Woven Check Authentic shoes are a refreshing take on an old classic Vans Authentic. These sneakers have a stylish design that’s guaranteed to reap you compliments from friends and random strangers alike. They can be hard to break in, but once that’s done, these kicks can be deliciously comfy. 

The shoes can be dressed up or down, depending on the event—or your mood. They simply go with anything and everything and should be a good addition to your shoe rotation.


Base model: Vans Authentic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Authentic
Price: $60
Colorways: Pink
Special editions: 15 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top 8% best sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker

These kicks are unisex like many Vans models. Vans Woven Check Authentic are offered in men’s sizing which runs larger by 1.5 sizes than the women’s. The measurements available for these kicks run from 3.5 to 10. 

The fit is like most Vans models, according to a few users, and they’re true to size. 

Dressed up or dressed down, these shoes look good. Black Vans Woven Check Authentic sneakers can be paired with dark jeans, a printed button-up long-sleeved shirt, and a corduroy jacket for a street-style look. The Spanish Villa/Snow White colorway, meanwhile, would be cool matched with khaki shorts and a blouse or tee. 

Vans Woven Check Authentic shoes carry that unmistakeable retro feel of those legendary kicks that paved the way for the brand to be recognized the world over. The shoes are still as relevant as ever, and this new iteration delivers a fresh new perspective on the old classic. 

The vintage styling is interesting and hard to pass up. It’s an excellent addition to anyone’s regular shoe rotation.

The Vans brand is a company founded by the van Doren brothers, Paul and Jim, in 1966 in Anaheim, California. They didn’t intend to be a skateboarding company at the outset. They just wanted to produce really tough shoes that you’d be proud to show off to people. However, skateboarders got wind of the durable kicks and found them to be perfect for their sport.

One of their very first models was the #44 Deck Shoe, now known as the Authentic. It had a minimalistic design, and since it wasn’t really constructed with skating in mind, there wasn’t much padding to be found. It was, however, extremely durable because Vans utilized #10 Duck canvas for the shoes’ uppers and the soles were thick and grippy.

These were a hit with the skateboarding community, and by word of mouth, talk about this Authentic by Vans spread far and wide. The model proved to be so popular that the brand would release many iterations of the Authentic throughout the years. One of this is the Vans Woven Check Authentic which captures the same look as the classic but updates it with a contemporary woven fabric instead of the usual canvas material. 

  • Vans Woven Check Authentic kicks feature Vans’ signature waffle rubber outsoles. 


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