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Base model: Vans UltraRange
Top: Low
Inspired from: Other
Collection: Vans UltraRange
Price: $85
Colorways: Green, Black
Special editions: 9 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Vans UltraRange MTE is available in both gender's sizes. Men have a size range of 6.5 to 13 and women's size range is 8 to 14 US in medium width. This shoe has sock-like fit construction lined with LuxLiner for superb comfort and reduces hotspots while exploring the natural terrains. Meanwhile, the lace-up closure with flat cotton laces delivers a snug, comfortable fit while the rear and tongue pull tab aid the wearers in sliding this on to their feet. The non-removable insole with the Ultracush Lite technology delivers responsive cushioning while pushing the comfort level higher.

The low-top Vans UltraRange MTE features toned down elements of the sneakerboots to suit the city pavements. Its upper is made of soft mesh with velvety suede reinforcements throughout to deliver sturdier footwear. The iconic Sidetripe adds a familiar casual feature to enhance one's laidback getup. This shoe will surely match any outfit without preceding comfort and durability.

With its clean aesthetics, the Vans UltraRange MTE presents very versatile footwear apt for any activities. To wear this, some pair their UltraRange MTE with slacks, joggers, denim jeans, shorts, or with sporty joggers. Wearers finish their overall relaxed look with plaid polo, plain tees, or crisp button-down. Meanwhile, ladies can be seen strutting their UltraRange MTE with skirt or dress to deliver a bold statement to their girly ensemble.

The Vans UltraRange features a revolutionized look of the classic Old Skool silhouette to appease the fanatics who prefer staying most of the time outdoors. This model kept the iconic Sidestripe and used the combination of foam and rubber on the outsole with reversed waffle pattern for superior grip and distinctive feature.

Paul Van Doren and Jan Van Doren launched the shoe company Van Doren Rubber Company in 1966, together with their trusted friends Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. They aimed at forming a company that delivers on-trend kicks with high-performance features.

Skaters across California embraced the first sneakers produced by the Vans company. These skaters first coined the term 'House of Vans' in the 70s and started the slogan 'Off the Wall' while riding their boards in an empty pool.

In the late 70s, Vans unveiled the Style # 36 or popularly known as the Old Skool. It presented the leather panel with sturdy suede toe box for enhanced protection, especially during the obstinate skateboarding tricks. The Old Skool was also the first model to display iconic Sidestripe created by Paul Van Doren.

In the 80s, the popularity of the Vans exponentially grew when it was seen worn by various artists, rock stars, hip-hop celebrities, and some personalities. In the 90s, Vans was able to validate its iconic status in the sneakers market when the brand collaborated with the Supreme brand and created unique, high-class products.

Four decades had passed, the Vans Old Skool continues to rock the sneakers domain. The silhouette has undergone several re-engineering to suit a wide range of consumers and fanatics. In 2017, Vans launched the outdoor version of the Old Skool, revamped it with more durable and versatile features called the UltraRange. This model was started as a request by athletes who want to enjoy the DNA of Vans with sturdier and more robust elements.

The all-weather UltraRange Mountain Edition, another rework of the Old Skool, was designed to fit the colder weather fit for wearers with an active lifestyle. This easy to wear kick brags its superb comfort and lightness while staying stylish throughout the cold days.

  • The Vans UltraRange MTE has reversed waffle pattern rubber outsole for superb grip on all terrains.
  • The logo of Vans can be found on the side, heel, tongue, and on the insole.