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8 reasons to buy

  • According to multiple sources, the Vans UltraRange Mesh was the perfect shoe for all-day wear with its supreme comfort.
  • More than a handful of users stated that the pair was one of the best fitting runners they had ever worn.
  • Some buyers loved the extreme lightweight that the low top sneaker bore.
  • A purchaser exclaimed that the sneaker was worth the money.
  • Several customers commended the highly breathable construction coming from the mesh material.
  • The sneaker upheld the super cute style of the UltraRange collection, according to a few commenters.
  • One user mentioned that the sneaker blends well with almost any clothing.
  • Less than a handful of consumers appreciated the flexibility on the heel.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers wished there were more colors of their size.
  • One wearer revealed that after two months of occasional use the grip on the bottom of the Vans UltraRange Mesh was worn flat.

Bottom line

The somewhat amphibious model of the UltraRange was given a more skin-breathing brother with the likes of the Vans UltraRange Mesh. The lightweight construction is exemplified by the long-standing comfort of its UltraCush midsole compound and the textile network of mesh found on its upper.

Going loyal to one’s usual sizing is advisable as the sneaker is generously known to run confidently on the standard foot format. Heavy walkers should be aware of their stride as the lug outsole occasionally has its mishaps.


Base model: Vans UltraRange
Top: Low
Inspired from: Other
Collection: Vans UltraRange
Price: $80
Colorways: Black, Grey
Special editions: 8 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top 6% best sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker

The sneaker consists of laces for lockdown though it wouldn’t have made any difference because the padded entryway and the construction double like a slip-on shoe. The pull tabs on the tongue and heel support this claim. It is available in a generous offer with sizes ranging from 5 to 11.5 for women and 3.5 to 10 for men.

Aesthetically speaking, the Vans UltraRange Mesh has a unique appearance as compared to its fellow iterations. The mesh paneling disrupts the sleek look of the Sidestripe which is brilliant and concealing at the same time.

Going for a casual look would suggest rooting for trousers or joggers with plain subdued tees contrasting the low top sneaker’s colorway. For the more business class audience, jeans and slacks can also showcase a great combo. Sundresses and leggings for girls will suffice. Lastly, there is the good old pair of shorts if all other options above are unavailable.

The Sidestripe on the lateral and medial side of the low top sneaker is covered in an almost snake-like mesh net pattern. Synthetic suede accents on the forefront and back of the heel complete the rugged appeal.

There are only a handful of brands present in the sneakerhead pandemonium that had manifested a trend-swiveling character similar to that of an environment-blending chameleon. Skating was a sport widely known to originate from the East coast of Northern America including Hawaii, and it seemed inevitable for a visionary sneaker shop to adopt this raging trend. With all that being said, blending the rebel cause with a line of footwear would seem highly irrational at first but all that was bitch-slapped by the universe with the discovery of Vans.

Since its debut in 1966, Vans continued to strengthen its malleable fate by staying true to its skate-side roots. Coveted iterations like the Old Skool, SK8-Hi, Authentic, and Slip-Ons had flourished lucratively throughout the years and still continues to fill up the hearts of those who are in need of casual footwear. After 5 decades of sticking to autoclaved creations, the tables had been turned, and Vans wanted to adapt again to the global awareness of exploring the surroundings and one’s self.

2017 was the year the Vans UltraRange collection was unveiled, and ever since its initial release, the model picked up momentum as a bullet fired in the vacuum of outer space. The silhouette’s concept revolves around a sneaker that has a platoon of functions whether for exploring the great outdoors, for sporting to the office, and for many other thinkable occasions. A sneaker that would traverse every possible outcome in a vintage style was the dream for the Cali-based skate producer, and they have nailed it big time.

Different versions of the UltraRange have been popping out like mushrooms upholding the already well-received concept of its predecessor. From its more travel-infused makeover of the Rapidwelds to the warm-bearing MTE’s, the UltraRange sneaker had never stopped showering its loyal audience of vast options to choose from.

Materials were also experimented upon, and in 2018, the Vans UltraRange Mesh was launched giving the already comfortable silhouette a breathable update. Alongside this cozy iteration was another colorful release under the collection Sunset Fade. The Vans Sunset Fade UltraRange Mesh comes in a Marshmallow hue complete with Sunset Fade accent present on the Sidestripe.

  • Its sole is composed of durable co-molded rubber mini-lug outsoles along with the UltraCush midsole compound for lightweight cushioning.
  • The internals of the sneaker is assembled using a sock-like cleatie construction for a pleasurable fit.
  • Glues and inks used in the formation of the sneaker are all water-based.
  • The Vans Sunset Fade UltraRange Mesh was inspired from the collaboration between Charlotte Shibuya and Aya Kawasaki specifically with the Vans Peach Soda Authentic colorway.


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