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9 reasons to buy

  • Several people were quite happy with the comfort level of Vans Soft Suede Old Skool sneakers.
  • Many were pleased that the shoes did come with fabric that is “super soft.”
  • These are great everyday shoes, according to some reviewers. 
  • Vans Soft Suede Old Skool shoes have an amazing style that’s attracted quite a few buyers. O
  • One person said he got “nothing but compliments on these kicks.”
  • The colors of these low-top iterations of Vans Old Skool shoes are bright, and just as pictured, a good number of delighted purchasers noted. 
  • The lifestyle shoes provide good value according to a handful of people. 
  • These exceptional kicks belong to Vans’ cheaper-priced collection because they retail at a low $65.
  • One tester reported that these Vans casual shoes fit true to size.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One person wished that the shoes contained more cushioning underfoot.

Bottom line

Vans Soft Suede Old Skool sneakers are another winning iteration of the brand’s iconic shoe model. Now covered in soft suede fabric uppers, the result is ultra comfy shoes that you’d love to wear every day. 

The shoes come in fun, bright colors that are perfect for the summer and at an affordable price that won’t lay waste to your wallet. The shoes are made in much the same way as the original though, and they don’t contain much cushioning.


Base model: Vans Old Skool
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Suede
Price: $65
Colorways: Blue
Special editions: 46 special editions
Small True to size Large
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Vans Soft Suede Old Skool shoes have sizes ranging from 3.5 to 13, and they’re true to size. These are based in men’s sizes, however. Women who would love to get their hands on these brightly-colored kicks must remember to size down 1.5 sizes from their usual Vans shoe measurement. 

The shoes do not contain much arch support just like the original Old Skool kicks, but they have padded collars to provide comfort. A regular lacing system can be used to tighten or loosen the fit according to your preference.

The Vans men’s Old Skool Soft Suede still contains that old-school cool vibe of the original, but with vivid shades to give them a hint of flash. Style them just the way you style your iconic Old Skool. With joggers, shorts, jeans, dresses, and maybe even a suit. They simply work with anything. 

There are five colorways available for these kicks: Blue Sapphire/True White, Ebony/True White, Koi/True White, Zinnia/True White, and Alaskan Blue/True White. 

  One interesting feature of these Old Skool variations is the vivid colors that they’re bedecked in which is a clever contrast to the all-white soles. The sneakers haven’t lost their retro touch with the new suede covering. Instead, the suede fabric has made them look all the more vintage if such a thing is possible. They still carry that easy Vans look that made the classic silhouette a hit with previous generations of skateboarders and fashionistas alike.  

When you say the name, Vans, skateboarding immediately comes to mind. But did you know that the brand did not set out to make skate shoes? They only ended up as one of the most well-known skating brands in the years to come after their founding in 1966. 

Early Vans shoes used Duck Canvas #10, and the soles were thickly-made to last the user a good long while. Skateboarders soon realized that Vans shoes were perfect for their sport. The thick uppers and soles could handle much abuse from their various tricks while the grippy outsoles were exceptional at helping them stay on their boards. 

  The Vans Old Skool model

The Old Skool silhouette first came out in 1977 and was called Style Number 36. It was the first of the Vans brand’s shoes to include leather in its uppers. The various panels on the Old Skool’s uppers made for a very welcome canvas for kids to express their “art.” During those times, customization was a huge thing, and the Old Skool became a natural outlet for these creative individuals. It was nothing out of the ordinary to see people walking in their Old Skool kicks colored in all kinds of shades under the sun.

When the classics came back in style in the 90s, collabs became the in thing. Reinterpretations of retro models were also well-accepted by the public. The Old Skool became a canvas again—this time by designers and the brand itself. Various iterations such as the Vans Old Skool Pro, Vans C&L Old Skool, and the Canvas Gum Old Skool came out. Recently, a new version of the retro icon was again released—the Vans Soft Suede Old Skool. 

Vans Soft Suede Old Skool shoes carry the same look as the icon, but of course, as the name suggests, the kicks are covered in super soft suede uppers. Some colorways feature white Sidestripes while others contain stripes done in the same shade as the uppers. 

  • Vans Soft Suede Old Skool sneakers feature reinforced toecaps and the famous signature waffle outsole patterns.