Who should buy the Vans Old Skool Platform

Coming from the readily identifiable OG design-wise, the Old Skool Platform wears versatility and a classic vibe on its sleeve. If you're magnetized by this Vans sneaker, you must be:

  • The kind of person who likes skateboarding in a mildly loose tee over skinny jeans.
  • In need of more protection underfoot than ground feel.
  • A collector of burly kicks, particularly those that provide more than enough arch support.
  • Someone who likes low-maintenance Vans sneakers.

Vans Old Skool Platform buyer

Who should NOT buy it

Look past the Old Skool Platform if you dislike breaking in sneakers. In its place, get the Vans Old Skool. Also, you're better off buying the Vans Old Skool Pro if you need an extra-plush feel underfoot.

Vans Old Skool Platform noir

Brawny minus the drag

Despite its thick sole unit, the Old Skool Platform is still considered pretty light by those who own it. Also, they say that its chunkiness makes its upper look more slender.

Vans Old Skool Platform stout

Spot-on sole thickness

Verified purchasers find the thickness of the Vans Old Skool Platform's sole perfect.

Vans Old Skool Platform perfect

Vans Old Skool Platform equals tank-like

Compared to the Chuck Taylors, this kick holds up longer mainly because of its thicker sole, testers say.

Vans Old Skool Platform tank

Challenging at first

Most of the complaints surrounding the Old Skool Platform speak of its blister-causing break-in period. Tip: Wear thicker socks, preferably those that cover the entirety of your ankles and Achilles heel.

Vans Old Skool Platform break

The Old Skool Platform's wobble-free midfoot

Testers are quite impressed with the sneaker's supportiveness, particularly around the arch.

Vans Old Skool Platform arch

Not-so-foamy ride

There are those who find the shoe's footbed underwhelming on the cushioning front.

Vans Old Skool Platform foam

Precise confines

The shoe's accurate sizing is among its many wooing factors, says almost everyone who has bought it.

Vans Old Skool Platform precise

Old Skool Platform: Hides away smudges

Many users highly appreciate this Vans shoe for having the ability to conceal dirt and smudges like magic.

Vans Old Skool Platform dirt

A worthy replacement

Sneakerheads believe that this chunky model is better than its regular-soled counterpart in a lot of ways.

Vans Old Skool Platform sole

The Vans Old Skool Platform's history

The iconic Vans Old Skool was initially released in 1977. It garnered the name Vans #36. The shoe came in three colorways, but the Stacy Peralta version, coming in a royal blue number, was the most popular.

Almost four decades and several versions/variants after, the Vans Old Skool Platform was born. The shoe that you see now is the product of years of dedication and a statement that Vans can stay relevant, all while pushing the envelope in terms of creativity.

Vans Old Skool Platform histo

Facts / Specs

Base model: Vans Old Skool
Style: Platform, Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Old Skool
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Canvas, Suede, Rubber Sole, Vulc Sole, EVA, Woven / Fabric

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