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Vans tweaked its iconic Old Skool silhouette with waterproof material creating the Old Skool GTX. This sneaker has ultra-comfy details that guard its wearers against harsh elements. It is also covered with durable and breathable materials suitable for all-day use. Vans Old Skool GTX is highly recommended for buyers looking for an all-season pair of kicks with a pocket-friendly price tag.


  • Comfortable upper
  • Durable
  • Versatile and timeless
  • Grippy outsole
  • Short break-in time
  • More fashionable in the actual
  • Highly recommendable to peers


  • Insufficient arch support
  • Causes blisters

Who should buy the Vans Old Skool GTX

The Vans Old Skool GTX might suit you well if:

  • You are looking for a shoe sturdy enough to withstand kickflips and other skateboard tricks. 
  • A sneaker with an obsolete-proof design is what you are after.
  • A shoe with adequate traction, preventing slippage is what you prefer.

Who should not buy the Vans Old Skool GTX

Wearers who wish to have a shoe that delivers a painless experience might find the Vans Old Skool GTX to be lacking in that department. A few owners reported that it lacks support in the arch section and has some ankle blistering issues. They might want to have a look at other Vans Old Skool models and see what suits them best. 

Size and fit

The low-top Vans Old Skool GTX shoes are unisex sneakers available in the men’s range. This Vans Vault update features a lace-up fastening system, giving an adjustable fit. The Ultracush sockliner, meanwhile, is inserted, providing flexible and lightweight insoles. This technology allows wearers to have a balance between board feel and damping while providing excellent cushioning.

Vans Old Skool GTX Style

The Vans Old Skool Gore-Tex skate shoe features a style faithful to its primary model that was updated with features that allow its wearers to look fashionable even in wet seasons. This model is a part of the Vault line that was stirred from arts, music, and street fashion. 

The canvas upper is treated with the breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex technology, added with suede overlays and leather Sidestripe, giving a plush element. The vulcanized white midsole and the waffle-patterned rubber sole, also display the classic sporty vibe. Vans offers this kick in fashionable hues, and the most popular ones are the black/heliotrope, navy/burgundy, lemon tonic/white, and white/blue hues. 

On feet, the Vans Old Skool GTX looks fashionable when paired with denim jeans, tattered skinnies, loose baggy pants, or even with a pair of shorts. Ladies may also pair this sneaker up with their dresses, mini skirts, and even with their yoga pants or leggings.

Notable Features

Aside from its timeless profile, the Vans Old Skool GTX shoes turned many heads for their unique Gore-Tex applique. The canvas upper is dressed in the Gore-Tex fabric with repeating print of pill-shaped dots and the Gore-Tex logo. This material is used to convert this sneaker into a waterproof, durable, and breathable pair of footwear.

Vans Old Skool GTX History

Vans launched the Old Skool in 1978 as the first-ever skate shoe that has leather panels and suede on the toe box. It was also the first to display the iconic Side Stripe trademark, also known as jazz stripe, which was a result of a random doodle of Paul Van, one of the founders of the brand. 

Because of its versatility and timeless look, Vans Old Skool easily gained followers. In the 90s, it was seen worn by numerous skaters, singers, celebrities, and rock stars. This silhouette was also used as the parent model by several collaborations, which created a pivotal event in the sneakers’ history of partnerships. Currently, Vans Old Skool caters to young and old generations. Various modifications were also applied to the Old Skool, giving homage to the brand’s colorful skateboarding history.

Meanwhile, Vans has this premium label called the Vans Vault. This line releases silhouettes from the archives that have been modernized inspired by arts, music, fashion, street, and the world of skateboarding and surfing. In-house company designers will decide which Vans sneakers will be given a modern twist to offer to their fans.

Adding another iteration to the growing list of sneakers under the Vans Vault is the retro Vans Old Skool GTX. Vans tweaked the iconic Old Skool with the breathable and waterproof material called Gore-Tex that provides comfort and protection to its users during harsh weather conditions, allowing for optimal climate comfort.

Nice to know about the Vans Old Skool GTX

  • This skate shoe comes with an extra pair of Gore-Tex laces.
  • The Vans Old Skool GTX sneakers for men and women are made of gum rubber outsole that delivers superb grip and durability.
  • It has a rubber heel patch that gives added durability.