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10 reasons to buy

  • A couple of testers dubbed these as the perfect summer and weekender shoes.
  • Many are enjoying the compliments that they are receiving from wearing these.
  • Users of different ranges highly enjoy its timeless style.
  • One highly appreciates the silhouette because as compared to other unisex sneakers, these do not give the illusion of wide feet.
  • Quite a number of purchasers particularly likes this because of its unique pattern and the fact that not a lot of people own this pair.
  • Fans of the Vans Authentic were not disappointed with this rendition.
  • Some have removed the laces and were able to enjoy the convenience of a slip-on.
  • One loves the contrast of the brightness of the flowers against the black background.
  • The canvas upper is very easy to clean.
  • Purchaser notes that the Vans Moody Floral Authentic was able to accommodate his wide feet.

These are the perfect shoe to give oomph to any outfit.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of users were disappointed that the color on the website displays a brighter version. In real life, the colors are more subdued and dull.
  • It takes time to lace, according to a buyer.
  • One consumer complained that the upper does not let his feet breathe well. More so, he struggled with finding the right sock to match the shoe.

Bottom line

For an iconic silhouette, the Vans Moody Floral Authentic embodies an example that there are infinite possibilities to update its look. The floral print on the upper of the shoe exudes a slight aura of summer, still suitable enough to transition on different seasons. The unchanged features of the Vans Authentic mean that it carries all the great qualities the shoe has been known for.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Authentic
Price: $60
Small True to size Large
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The Vans Moody Floral Authentic is a unisex sneaker that comes in boy's sizes from 3.5-6 extending to men's from 6.5-13. Women who want to enjoy these can merely go 1.5 sizes down their sizes to avail of the ideal fit.

Generally, the Moody Floral Authentic fits true to size and provides the right amount of toe room. However, for those with wide feet, going half or one size up is recommended.

While the Vans Moody Floral has a classic silhouette, expect that these are not your typical shoe. It has a floral print which exudes a vintage appeal rather than a Hawaiian tropical vibe. The subdued colors and pattern all over the shoe give the right pop of color on any outfit, but the classic silhouette still makes it a versatile pair like the Original Authentics.

To highlight the design of the shoe pairing it with an all-black outfit is ideal. However, it can also be paired with various outfits, dresses, jeans, or any outfit imaginable.

For a sneaker that has been relevant for more than 50 years, it is only justifiable to retain all its best features. For the Vans Moody Floral Authentic, the signature canvas upper, albeit coming in a floral number this time, remains unchanged and still delivers a breathable and secure fit to the feet. The vulcanized outsole, minimalist branding, and stitching remain unchanged.

Vans, previously known as the Vans Doren Rubber Company, was founded by brothers Jim Van Doren and Paul Van Doren, along with their business partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. The company initially produced casual footwear in Anaheim, California in 1966. It was the same year that Vans #44 was released, which we now know as the Vans Authentic.

The shoe is highly inspired by Sherman Tanks for its tough exterior. To adopt this, #44 Deck Shoe, it sported strong materials like a crepe rubber outsole, nylon thread rather than the usual cotton, and a ten duck heightened canvas. The use of these elements ensures that these will outlive others. These qualities captivated the attention and found its niche in the skateboarding community. In 1976, professional skateboarders like Jerry Valdez, Stacy Peralta, and Tony Alva, placed the sneaker into a higher level of popularity and released their custom designs. Some of the details that were infused on the sneaker were the padded backs, outside heel counter, and the "Off The Wall" label.

Currently, the Vans Authentic has been a street style icon that has been favored by different groups. Over the years, it has also been interpreted in a myriad of Vans Authentic ways, from the most minimalistic look up to the loudest and brightest of colors and prints.

  • The Vans Moody Floral Authentic is offered at $60 at the brand's website.
  • These sneakers carry signature Waffle outsole which boosts the shoe's grip.