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Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Mono
Price: $75
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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Available sizes range from 5 up to 13 in US men’s medium width. It fits true to size. With a leather upper, the low-top Vans Mono Leather Old Skool V gives the wearer sturdy support. Its low collar offers unobstructed ankle mobility. Velcro straps have replaced the traditional lace-up system in this model, providing convenient wearing while also keeping the fit tight and secure.

With a monochromatic upper, the Vans Mono Leather Old Skool V is sure to turn heads around. It makes for a clean look and a neat aesthetic, great for a preppy touch or a casual vibe. It’s also a great summer or spring shoe for any occasion. The Velcro straps make the kicks genuinely stand out, paired with a simple outfit for a sleek appeal.

Just like any Old Skool model, the kicks can go well with almost anything, and its funky look only serves to be a stylish bonus. For a tailored appearance, a skirt or pants will go well with the shoes, along with a polo shirt or plain t-shirt. Its eye-catching strappy front can make any get-up exciting, whether it’s just out for a walk, on a trip, or a day out. Its clean, all-white or all-black look can be dressed up or down, keeping things casual or pumping up the day’s wardrobe.  

The Vans Mono Leather Old Skool V takes a classic model and reinvents it with all the convenience and style that a modern lifestyle needs. Velcro straps adorn the front of the shoe instead of the classic lace-up, giving the Old Skool model a unique and eye-catching upgrade. Its stark matching sole only makes the shoe more attractive. There are subtle stitch details all over the upper that create a refined look for the kicks.

Keeping true to its Old Skool roots, the model features the iconic Vans Sidestripe. Meanwhile, the only other discernible branding is the Vans logo, kept away on the heel tab at the back of the shoe. It has a low profile appeal, rounding off the sneaker’s simple, seamless design all throughout.

Vans started out with one store that doubled as a factory. It was 1966 in Anaheim, California. Decades later, it has now become a leading footwear company, becoming the brand that everybody loves over the years. Due to its popularity, fans of Vans can extend to different generations. Their shoes are worn by everyone, from toddlers and kids to teens and adults.

As a global footwear powerhouse, the brand has produced several iconic models that have gone through changing styles and trends yet remain to be sought-after. One enduring model is the “Style 36,” first released in 1977. It featured the legendary Vans Sidestripe and quickly became a favorite. It is now known as the Old Skool model, a modern classic from Vans.

With a padded collar and a sturdy canvas upper, the Vans Old Skool was favored by skaters who were looking for a fresh style that also provided good support on the skate park. It was well-received due to its durability, simplicity, and versatility. It was also the first Vans skate shoe to incorporate leather panels. The Sidestripe that was placed on it would continue to hold an irreplaceable part in the legacy of Vans.

Due to its various panels, the Vans Old Skool model also became the perfect canvas for self-expression. Many collaborations, redesigns, and updates were done on the shoe, resulting in new Old Skool styles. One model that stands out is the Vans Mono Leather Old Skool V. A one-of-a-kind Old Skool version; it has a Velcro upper and a neat look, paired with all the features one would expect from the classic sneaker. At a budget-friendly price, the kicks are a worthy addition to anyone’s closet.

  • Hook-and-loop closures secure the foot.
  • Padding in the collar provides support and flexibility.
  • On the outsole is the classic Vans waffle tread pattern.
  • The shoe’s synthetic rubber sole provides support for all-day wearing.