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11 reasons to buy

  • The majority of buyers commented that the Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool is comfortable.
  • Many purchasers advised that it looks best for casual outfits.
  • A couple of color looks better than the pictures
  • The shoe is affordable, as praised by many.
  • One customer mentioned that this low-top has a good grip while on a skateboard.
  • A few expressed their satisfaction by saying that the shoe provides a great fit.
  • Its style has received wide acclamation from buyers and lookers.
  • Some have chosen the low- top Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool as a gift for kids or teenagers and got positive remarks.
  • It is an excellent choice for a summer sneaker, as suggested by some buyers
  • A blogger stated that this sneaker is an excellent example of a couple shoe.
  • One tester stated that this low-top is durable.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One customer advised that cleaning this sneaker is a challenge.
  • A few purchasers warned that the color faded quickly than expected even after minimal use.
  • The stiffness of the shoe resulted in a cut, which dissatisfied a couple of buyers.

Bottom line

The low-top Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool is a modern update of Van's possibly most vendible line, the Old Skool. It features the timeless silhouette which flaunts sleek monochromatic colorways that garnered acclaim for its style and functionality. Loyal and casuals are charmed with its overall appeal and comfort, making the shoe a priority, especially for summer ensembles. As easy on the wallet a shoe can be, the Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool is packed with style and improvements tailored for today's men and women.


Base model: Vans Old Skool
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Old Skool
Price: $55
Colorways: Blue, Grey, Pink
Special editions: 36 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker
It has never been more popular than this April

The Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool features a sturdy canvas upper and re-enforced toecap to sustain repeated wear. Its padded collar and rubber waffle outsole deliver support and flexibility. This low-top also has the conventional lace-up enclosure.

For any who will be availing a pair, this sneaker is available in US men’s sizes from 3.5 to 10 while women’s start from 5 to 11.   

Conceptualized for both sexes, the Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool is a contemporary take of the classic silhouette. Despite lacking distinct features, the minimalistic approach to this low-top still amassed approval as a result of being easy to pair with jeans, shorts, leggings, or any casual dresses thanks to its color scheme. Additionally, the trademark Sidestripe naturally blends with the canvas.

Anyone will conclude that the Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool sneakers most definitive feature is the monochromatic color scheme. The colors available can be classified as somewhat cliche as the "Peach Blush" is suggested to women while the "Skyway Blue" is preferably for men.

Vans was founded by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren together with the other two partners in 1966. It was named Van Doren Rubber Company initially. It would manufacture and directly sell its shoes to the public. That setup was unique back then.

In the 70s, the brand started to be popular with skateboarders because of the shoes’ rugged design and sticky soles. By the end of the decade, Vans grew to 70 stores across California and managed to gain distributors nationally and internationally.

Vans' shoes that were purchased on their opening day was later on labeled as Authentic. One of those shoes was named the Style 36 which to this date is referred to as the Old Skool. The Old Skool premiered in 1977 which was a statement to the expanding demand for skate shoes. It was the first Vans shoe to exhibit the signature Sidestripe that the brand is famous for. It has more padding and was more durable than the Authentic.

Time goes on, the appeal of the Old Skool had reached the mainstream. Collaborations with skaters and artists lifted its name into a number of lifestyle fashion trends. Music bands started to don the classics on their performances which enticed fans into owning a pair too.

The classic style of the Old Skool is featured consistently ever since its inception. One of its latest reiterations, the Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool, is a unisex lifestyle shoe that delivers function and style best suited for the active youth.

  • Initially released in 2016.
  • The Vans Mono Canvas Old Skool has a hexagon pattern on the top center of the outsole.


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