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9 reasons to buy

  • The Vans Metallic Slip-On is budget-friendly.
  • Most reviewers can highly recommend the kicks.
  • A lot of wearers have received many compliments for the shoe.
  • The sneakers are very comfortable even for walking for long periods, according to many commenters. 
  • Most users agree that the shoe is stylish, describing it as chic, cool-looking, and flashy without being too tacky. 
  • A couple of purchasers have said that this has become their new favorite pair of shoes, especially as it’s a fresh version of the Vans Slip-On.
  • The sneakers are of good quality, a few reviewers attest.
  • More than a handful of wearers swear that they will buy more pairs because they like the shoe so much.
  • Many love the shimmery colors of the Vans Metallic Slip-On, which can go well with any outfit.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Many users complain that the kicks are difficult to put on as they are stiff.
  • Several more add that the back is so stiff that it rubbed at the heel.
  • The Vans Metallic Slip-On feels tight on top of the foot, more than a handful of purchasers have grumbled.
  • The sneakers look too big for those with slender feet or legs, a few reviewers have shared.

Bottom line

The Vans Metallic Slip-On has a shimmery yet minimally styled upper that can instantly put a fresh, energetic vibe to any look. It’s built for comfort for a variety of lifestyle activities. However, a break-in period will have to be observed.

At a budget-friendly price point, this offering from Vans sneakers can be used for dressing up or dressing down or worn during random and relaxed fashion days. The Vans Classic Slip-On Metallic is eye-catching and unique, promising a cool factor that can be added to any day’s outfit.


Base model: Vans Slip-On
Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Vans Slip-On
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Leather, Vulc Sole, EVA
Price: $60
Colorways: Gold, Red, Beige
Special editions: 31 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker
It has never been more popular than this December

Unisex sizing is available for this iteration of the classic Vans Slip-On. It has a low-top construction that makes it suitable for unhindered ankle movement. Additionally, its slip-on design allows comfortable wearing, while the leather upper provides excellent support and security for the foot.

With its funky, relaxed flair, the low-top Vans Metallic Slip-On shoes can work with almost any outfit. They are ideal for wearing in the casual workplace, for trips, biking, weekend activities, and many other endeavors, especially over the summer and spring seasons. These kicks are so versatile that there are many possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching.  

The model comes in such colorways as the Vans Metallic Slip-On bronze, the gray dawn/true white, and the Veronica/true white. These color options offer a sophisticated yet subtle appeal, making sure that the overall effect is not too flashy. To know more about how to style them, below are some pointers for both men and women.

  Easy styling tips for the ladies

The Vans Slip-On Metallic edition can add a perfect pop of color to any simple combination. These kicks would look especially cute with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, or skirts, together with a plain top. A laidback picnic or day out will look brighter when pairing such a versatile shoe as the Metallic Gold Slip-On Vans with a summer or light dress.

For any casual day, the sneakers could be worn with a striped sweater, and a pair of jeans with pin rolled cuffs, which would emphasize the model's relaxed vibe. The Vans silver Metallic Slip-On version could be worn with a pair of slacks, capri pants or a pencil skirt to achieve a more dressed-up look. Complete the outfit with a button-down shirt, blouse or a ruffle top. These looks would work well in the office or at a party.

  Outfit options for men

For men, the Metallic Slip-On from Vans can add a classic accent to any clothing ensemble. Jeans and a t-shirt will look great with this model for any day out. Roll the bottom of the jeans to emphasize the shoes. A pullover, hoodie or sweatshirt paired with shorts or joggers will also go well with these kicks.

Meanwhile, for a more put-together appeal, the sneakers could be worn with chinos or straight pants along with a button-down shirt or a polo shirt. The result would be a sophisticated vibe with a preppy touch. Such subtle versions as the Vans Bronze Metallic Slip-On would look suitable for the workplace or at a function or event.  

Looking like other Vans Classic Slip-Ons, the Metallic Slip-On model elevates the original to more sophisticated heights. It is kept simple and straightforward, with just the right amount of an edgy appeal to make it more contemporary.

Just like many Vans kicks, these casual shoes have an unfussy vibe, with not many frills when it comes to technology or details. As a result, the model is equal parts stylish, simple, and practical, as can be seen in the metallic bronze Vans Slip-On option.  

  Classic details for a classic model

Just like the classic Vans Slip-On, this model has a clean white sole and round toe design. Every aspect is kept low-key and elegant, just like the original. For a subtle branding, the Vans flag logo is found on the sneaker’s side as well as on the heel tab.

Meanwhile, the Vans Metallic Slip-On sneaker has a sophisticated appeal, as emphasized by its monochromatic look. There are elastic side gorings to facilitate easy slip on and off. Lastly, the padded collar ensures that the ankle is comfortable and well-protected.  

  A subtle and chic upgrade

The most striking feature of the Vans Metallic Slip-On sneakers is its upper, which is made up of a glimmering metallic textile upper. Despite the shimmery look, the shoe doesn’t look garish as it has a minimalistic style, thus giving way to a low-profile vibe. Such a low-key appeal is readily seen in such colorways as the Vans metallic Slip-On silver edition.

Everyone seems to wear Vans these days, which proves how far the company has come from its first store in Anaheim, California. On the company’s opening day in 1966, the team sold twelve pairs of shoes which had to be created on the same day. It was the classic deck shoe that the brand was to be known for.

Today, the brand is worth billions of dollars, selling countless pairs of shoes every year. There are many Vans outlets and stores all over the U.S. and around the globe. Department stores, online shops, and many retailers also carry the brand’s well-loved kicks. The skate brand has become a staple not just in sports but also in the lifestyle section.

For a long time, Vans has been a skating and action sports favorite, but it has also transcended into popular and street culture. Its shoes are worn by athletes, celebrities, teenagers, adults, and more. This is due to the versatility, quality, comfort, and affordability that the brand’s sneakers offer, making them ideal for casual use.

  The Slip-On or Style #98

Among the many staples and classic kicks in the Vans catalog is the Slip-On model, called Style #98 when it was first introduced. It quickly became a favorite among skateboarders in the Southern California area. Additionally, the BMX community of the late 1970s also adopted the shoe.

This model, which was first introduced in 1977, became a favorite among individuals who preferred wearing kicks without any fuss. Despite the shoe’s laidback appeal and convenient feature, it also proved to be hardwearing, enduring the abuse of skating.

Since then, this Vans Classic has stood the test of time, with the brand introducing different versions over the years. Its unadorned toe and upper became the perfect canvas for plenty of designs and patterns. This highly versatile flair is the reason why many people have a pair or two of the slip-on style in their closets.

  A shiny sneaker for the modern age

Ticking off all of the timeless qualities of the original is the Vans Metallic Slip-On model. It's a shoe made for head-turning style, with its burnished upper that retains a simple and elegant appeal. As a slip-on, it’s designed for convenience so that heading out anywhere gets easier.   

On the other hand, the Metallic Vans Slip-On is a chic update to the sneaker's minimalistic vibe. It doesn't need further embellishment as its shimmering upper material already provides much aplomb for any occasion. Apart from the metallic upgrade, the shoe retains the classic details that have made the Vans Slip-On a staple in many people's collections.  

  • The rubber outsole features the Vans characteristic Waffle Tread.
  • Padding in the collar offers additional comfort.
  • Elastic side accents help ease the foot inside the shoe.