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10 reasons to buy

  • A lot of the reviewers claim that the Vans Leather Slip-On provides superb comfort for the foot.
  • Several consumers are highly-appreciative of the design of the shoe as it showcases versatility that can match up with many outfit options.
  • The sneaker is available in multiple colorways.
  • The Vans Leather Slip-On is offered at an affordable price.
  • Numerous users have been loyal fans of the silhouette as they have more than one pair of this sneaker.
  • The full leather shoe is easy to clean and maintain as dirt and dust don’t readily stick to the upper material, others note.
  • A good number of reviewers use this sneaker as their daily sneaker as it is easy to put on and off and perfect for those with a fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Some customers use this lightweight sneaker for their travels because of its slim profile that can easily be placed in the bag.
  • A handful of purchasers say they will repurchase the sneaker because of its affordability and versatility in design.
  • The low-top Vans Leather Slip-On sneaker runs true to size, according to most reviews.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers complain about the stitching on some parts of the Vans Leather Slip-On, saying that it’s rough and may cause marks on the skin.
  • Others note that it fits a little narrow. 
  • Some had issues on quality and durability pointing out “the shoe doesn’t last for a few months without major tearing, scuff marks, and holes.”

Bottom line

The Vans Leather Slip-On offers a sturdy, clean, and sleek full-leather design that lets the wearer keep up with the trend. An iteration of the brand’s very own classic Vans Slip-On, this low-top silhouette ditches the traditional canvas upper with leather while keeping the padded collars, elastic side accents, and waffle outsole features for a more nostalgic vibe.

With both style and performance at a wallet-friendly price tag, one can always get a great value out of this sneaker.


Base model: Vans Slip-On
Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Leather
Closure: Slip-on
Material: EVA, Leather, Vulc Sole
Price: $60
Colorways: Beige, Pink, White
Special editions: 17 special editions
Small True to size Large
Tight Loose
Neutral Stable
Stiff Flexible
Warm Breathable
Firm Plush
Durability 6/10
Comfort 8/10
Traction 7/10
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker
It has never been more popular than this April

The Vans Leather Slip-On offers the same standard fit as its forefather, the Vans Slip-On. Its slip on and off facet gives the wearer a natural flow when wearing the shoe. Going up in size may also be applicable when purchasing the Vans Leather Slip-On as it may fit tight in the instep.

A classic silhouette from the world’s leading skate shoe brand, the Vans Leather Slip-On displays simplicity in design yet yields a timeless style. With the minimal detailing, it effortlessly slides through the trend and blends-in. The low-top shoe gives off a laid-back yet stylish appeal that fits right in with the street-style fashion category.

The slip-on sneaker also expresses flexibility in a style that enables the shoe to appropriately complement semi-formal apparel with its clean leather construction that gives off a sleek look. Some of its avid users would often wear them with a blazer and button-down shirt for smart casual to semi-formal events.

The skateboarding DNA of the Vans Leather Slip-On offers a fun, sporty, casual energy while also giving off an edgy vibe with its sleek and straightforward image. These characteristics allow the shoe to match up with a variety of outfit ideas from the casual graphic tee and jeans to a more semi-conventional look such as simple plain t-shirt topped off with a leather jacket and paired with some fitted jeans or skinny jeans.

Some skaters, meanwhile, would often wear the black Leather Slip-on from Vans with shorts and a hoodie. For a summer-friendly look, some wearers would use the white Vans Leather Slip-on sneaker to match their daytime garb. Women may also give a sporty twist to their cute and feminine mini dresses through finishing off their look with a pair of pink Vans Leather Slip-On.

The leather material that covers the upper of the Vans Leather Slip-On in place of the traditional canvas material gives a clean and sleek appearance. The signature vulcanized sole of Vans is being displayed by this low-top silhouette as well, and along its over-all design, in a way, it represents the heritage of not just the sneaker profile but also the brand itself.

The world’s much-loved skate shoe company started in Anaheim, California with the Van Doren Brothers. James and Paul Van Doren began their little shoe factory by selling a model with almost minimalistic design and functions. Remaining unchanged since it started some 50 years ago, the Vans Authentic, first sold on March 16, 1966, was designed by the company’s co-founder Paul Van Doren. It also became the first bestselling shoe from the brand.

Ever since the skateboarding culture started in the Golden State, Vans skate shoes seem to be attached to the growth of the sport over the years from the California skate scene to the rest of the United States. While its attachment appears to be linked to the growth of skateboarding, the brand also became popular in the punk culture with styles such as the Vans Authentic, Vans Old Skool, and the Vans Classic Slip-On shoes becoming classic favorites in the community.

Over the years and the exponential growth of the Vans sneaker brand, the company had several divisions and shoe development units like Vans Syndicate, Vans Vault, Vans Off the Wall, Vans California, and Vans LXVI that have tweaked the design of the classic Authentic silhouette as part of their portfolio. The upper fabric designs of their most classic models like the Vans Classic Slip-On had several color combinations including materials such as leather, jersey, canvas, and synthetic to suit the growing demands of its millions of followers.

  Style # 98 - another Vans classic

It is formerly known as the “Vans Style #98,” the classic Vans Slip-On, was created in the year 1977. Since the inception of the Vans Slip-On shoe silhouette and its introduction to the masses, the low-top shoe has gained some popularity especially among the skating and surfing community in California and later on all over the United States, after receiving its official name as the Vans Slip-On.

The classic Vans Slip-On was one of the brand’s lead design as it made its way into the lifestyle sneaker category. It was efficient for the brand as the silhouette’s design inspiration is not from the sport but from a boat shoe which was at one of Van Doren’s old company before Vans.

With its boat shoe design inspiration, the Van’s Slip-On first featured a sole unit of a boat shoe before it took a vision from the more skate-suitable design of the “Era,” which includes the heel counter and the collar padding, and of course the waffle sole.

Presently, the classic Vans Leather Slip-On is considered one of the beloved silhouettes of the American skate shoe brand. Almost every generation of skateboarders have at least once in their life, were convinced to wear the slip-on shoe and to turn this kick as their go-to sneaker for virtually any type of activity. This leather slip-on from Vans also gained followers for its versatility and used it as their base model for customization.

  • The Vans “Off The Wall” signature slogan can be seen on the heel of the Vans Leather Slip-On.
  • The small Vans branding tag is displayed on the lateral sides of the sneaker.
  • The shoe may be available at a discounted price in some retailers.


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