We spent 9.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Many buyers liked the colors on the Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool, which they said looked wonderful and vibrant.
  • Most purchasers thought that the kicks had a great design, describing it as adorable and sharp-looking. 
  • More than a handful of users declared that they would buy the sneakers again.
  • Most testers would recommend the Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool to their friends.
  • A lot of wearers felt that the shoes had a comfortable fit, even when it was worn all day for multiple times. One commenter shared that the kicks felt terrific.
  • A few reviewers observed that the Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool fits true to size.
  • Several users received compliments about the shoe.  
  • It’s a budget-friendly casual sneaker.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several buyers complained that the sneakers did not have much arch support.
  • The Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool wore out pretty easily, grumbled one tester.
  • A few purchasers said that the kicks had to be broken in for some time as they hurt the back of the feet. 

Bottom line

With its fresh and exciting appeal, the low-top Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool offers a budget-friendly casual style option. It has a laidback and tropical vibe that's perfect for warmer days or trips. With the classic Vans skate shoe silhouette, the kicks take things further with a vibrant floral look.

True to the brand’s design principles, the skate-inspired sneaker functions well for many lifestyle activities. They offer a comfortable fit for day-long use. However, the shoes may not offer enough support and may need a break-in period.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Old Skool
Price: $70
Colorways: Multi
Small True to size Large
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Unisex US sizing is available for the shoe, from 5 women’s/ 3.5 men’s to 10 women’s/ 12 men’s. The Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool comes in a low-top design, with a collar meant for unrestricted ankle action. Its combination of suede and canvas on the upper offers resilient yet supple support. 

Great for the spring and summer seasons, the low-top Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool delivers a fresh and relaxed vibe. Its colorful design can be paired with matching outfits, such as floral patterns on the shirt or bottom. Meanwhile, it also goes well with neutral-colored leggings and blue skinny jeans.

For a true islander spirit, shorts and skirts along with t-shirts or dresses are enough to kick off a vibrant look. Polo shirts and board shorts or chinos are great for matching up with the kicks. Its sunny air will be better emphasized with pin-roll cuffs on the jeans, pumping up the outfit for the day. 

Featuring a timeless skate shoe style emphasized with a vintage canvas upper, the Hawaiian Floral Old Skool from Vans promises a fun outing no matter the occasion. It has a neat-looking round toe design, with the floral pattern peeking behind the iconic Vans Jazz Stripe.

The flowery look continues on the tongue, highlighted by the classic white lace-up system. This restrained design, which does not go all-out with the floral pattern, results in an elegant flair that retains the Old Skool appeal. Besides this, the upper is minimally styled, while Vans branding is kept subtle on the heel tab. 

In 1977, Vans introduced a new model which they dubbed “Style 36.” It featured a new low-top silhouette, becoming the brand’s first skate shoe that made use of leather panels. The new style also featured a side stripe that would come to define the brand for many years to come. It came from a doodle called the “Jazz Stripe,” drawn at random by founder Paul Van Doren.

This shoe later became known as the Old Skool, a style so iconic that it continues to influence street fashion today. It is one of the landmark designs created by Vans, which began making and selling shoes in 1966 in Anaheim, California. Today, the brand is loved and worn by everyone, and the Old Skool continues to be a casual style must-have.

During the ‘80s, shoe customization became all the rage as a form of expressing one’s uniqueness. Vans caught up with the trend and found the perfect canvas with the Old Skool, which has many panels and parts for more designs. This has also led to a host of Old Skool colorways, collaborations, and designs, including the Vans Hawaiian Floral model.

Function and style come together well in the Vans Hawaiian Floral Old Skool, which exudes a pleasant, summery vibe. Comfort is offered by the supple upper and waffle outsole, while the shoe's flowery look provides much in the way of styling possibilities.  

  • Durability and comfort are improved with the shoe’s vulcanized construction.
  • Padding on the collar offers support and comfort. 
  • The shaft measures 2.21 inches from the arch.
  • Superior board feel, flexibility, and traction are offered by the trademark Vans original Waffle Outsole.